Adelheid of Istria

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Adelheid of Istria
Holy Orenian Empress
Tenure: 1526-1535 (Divorce)
Coronation: 17th of the Grand Harvest, 1526
Born: 13th of the Grand Harvest, 1500, Petrus Palace, Oren
Death: Unknown
Spouse: John I
House: de Sola
Father: Titus, Duke of Istria
Mother: Gloria of Savoy

Adelheid of Istria (13th of the Grand Harvest, 1500 – Unknown) was the Empress-consort of Oren as the spouse of John I, Holy Orenian Emperor, from his accession to the throne in 1526 to their controversial divorce in 1535.


Adelheid de Sola was born Titus de Sola and Gloria de Savoie in Petrus before her father's elevation as duke. She was therefore the grandson of the famous general Vibius the Younger (or called Vibius Hanseticus).


John II, Holy Orenian Emperor (1521-present)

Prince Alexander Louis, Duke of Marna (1522-1572)

Princess Philippa Maria, Duchess of Courland (1523-1570)

Daniel III (1526-present)

Princess Charlotte Sophia (1528-1542)

Princess Eleanor Elizabeth (1530-present)

Princess Catherine Francesca (1532-1574)