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=== Titles and Styles ===
=== Titles and Styles ===
*'''1709-1715:''' ''Her Imperial Highness,'' Princess of Man
*'''1709-1715:''' ''Her Imperial Highness,'' Princess of Man
*'''1715-Present:''' ''Her Imperial Majesty,'' the Empress of Renatus
*'''1715-1721:''' ''Her Imperial Majesty,'' the Empress of Renatus
*'''1721-Present:''' ''Her Imperial Majesty,'' the Holy Orenian Empress
*'''1721-1724:''' ''Her Imperial Majesty,'' the Holy Orenian Empress
*'''1724-Present:''' ''Her Imperial Highness,'' Empress Adeline
=== Full title as Empress ===
=== Full title as Empress ===

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Adeline Margaret
Reign: 4th of Horen’s Calling, 1715 - Present
Predecessor: Karenina of Alban (As Empress-Consort of Man)
Born: 4th of Owyn's Flame, 1709, Pronce, Aeldin
Spouse: Godfrey III, Emperor of Renatus
House: Alstion
Father: John Alexander, Prince of Alstion
Mother: Vivienne d'Amaury

Adeline Margaret Cascadia is the current and first Empress-Consort of Renatus upon the dissolution of the Empire of Man


Early Life

Adeline was raised within the confines of her great grandfather, Prince Charles Horen’s holding in Pronce. Upbrought in a manner pertinent to one of her station, she was tutored in Imperial etiquette and courtly manners, such following the Horenic Dynast throughout her life.

Not raised nor expected to be anything more than a Princess married off to some lord, during the beginnings of the War of the Two Emperors it was decided that she would marry Godfrey III, Emperor of Renatus, with no input of her own.


At the behest of her father, the Imperial Princess was brought to Helena, aged only six. During this time, she was to grow acquainted with the daily proceedings of courtly life. But three Saint Days after her arrival, the entirety of the Imperium was present as she and Godfrey III recited their nuptials and wed.

Empress Adeline around 1716, alongside Godfrey III

Her reign began when she was a timid young girl, unacquainted with her surroundings nor the denizens that occupied them. She remained reluctant to be seen in public and hardly strayed far from the confines of the Palace; leaving most political matters to her newlywed husband.

However, she was forced into the limelight when Godfrey III, Emperor of Renatus succumbed to a brief illness that shifted the adolescent’s influence in matters of importance.

War of the Two Emperors

Proving herself an adept statesman amongst her brethren, Adeline played a pivotal role in the war effort during her husband, the Emperor’s, absence. Thrust into holding court, trials, and various forms of diplomatic affairs throughout the war, she was instrumental in securing diplomatic deals with Sutica and Curonia to usher them into the conflict as faithful allies. Further diplomatic deals included the treaty with the Princedom of Fenn, as well as the meetings with Daniel VI of the Church of the Canon in regards to the schism of Renatus and the Canonist Church.

Within the war, Adeline would contrast her husband through her judgement of their Marnan cousins. Vocal against the pardoning of the those of Marna, the young Empress was scarcely delicate in regards to her judgement of their treason. Though young in age, Adeline would advocate for the complete eradication of the Horen-Marna line, a disparity to her Husband's decisions.

Dissolution of Horen

Following the dissolution of House Horen as decreed by His Imperial Majesty, Godfrey II, in 1721 Adeline was no longer regarded as a Horen, taking on the family name of Cascadia in its place.

Titles, Styles, and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1709-1715: Her Imperial Highness, Princess of Man
  • 1715-1721: Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress of Renatus
  • 1721-1724: Her Imperial Majesty, the Holy Orenian Empress
  • 1724-Present: Her Imperial Highness, Empress Adeline

Full title as Empress

Her Imperial Majesty, Adeline Margaret of the House of Cascadia, Empress-Consort of the Holy Orenian Empire


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