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The Principality of Aegothrond, otherwise known as the Kingdom of Aegrothond is one of the elven nations currently residing on the southern shores of Arcas. Originally founded in the late Atlasian era by Belestram Sylvaeri and wife Illynora Sylvaeri.


Underneath King Abelas's reign in the Dominion of Malin, Belestram served as Lord Ambassador. Towards the middle of King Abelas's reign tensions arose between the elven seeds. Shortly after the creation of the Elder Alliance of 1679, the elves of the Dominion of Malin were called upon to sign the document. The contents of which, would recognize the dwarves of the Kingdom of Ord and the runelords of Az'azdar as the true successors to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan to the Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-ruska and the Dominion of Malin. While acting on behalf of the kingdom Elvenking Abelas Caerme'onn signed the Elder Alliance however fearing for his people and the risk of angering the Frostbeards of Kaz'Ulrah he later on publicly backed away from it. Because of his decision regarding the alliance, tensions arose further than before within the kingdom with the dwarves of Az'azdar and Ord confronting the king to his decision. Atandt Irongrinder would later challenge the king to an honor duel to the death, Kaz Ithelanen Captain of the Royal Guard rose to become champion of the king however Abelas would order him to stand down leaving the Elvenking by his own will to accept the duel himself. After nearly an hour of combat, the Dwarf Atandt Irongrinder, had risen victorious killing the Elvenking for all the witnesses around them to see. News quickly spread throughout Atlas and the kingdom had fallen into chaos. With the elves of the Dominion clouded in rage, hands pointed towards Belestram Sylvaeri as a culprit and in league with the dwarfs, the Royal Council with years of tension with Belestram banished him from the Kingdom as a result. Facing exile, Belestram took his wife and sailed across the open sea to ancient elven ruins atop a pair of islands, the site which would later be built to become the Princedom of Aegrothond


After some time, Belestram and Illynora managed to rebuild the ancient elven ruins to a living state. With the Dominion of Malin vassalized under the Kingdom of Gladewynn, many elves disagreed with the Dominion's choice and scattered across Atlas. A sizable party of elven refugees followed Feanor (Belestrams Sylvaeri's son) to the island of Aegrothond the home of Belestram and Illynora whom welcomed them with open arms. The small island ruins quickly grew into a city with more elven refugees coming from distant shores onto the island. Belestram being a former high prince and founder of Aegrothond ruled the refugees now known as the Elves of Aegothrond. Under the reign of now Elvenking Belestram, the newly born nation entered into a new era of relative peace, with only minor raids and tension between Aegrothond and the rival elven nation of Gladewynn in the north. Now being a sea faring nation, politics and diplomacy were isolated from the kingdom cutting them off from continental affairs. This allowed the nation to focus on internal affairs and developing the princedom, adapting a focus on smithing and the sea, crafting boats and a navy along with many becoming smiths. This cultural change as well as being under the rule of Belestram (a known friend of the dwarves) caught the attention of the dwarves of Agnarum. An unspoken alliance quickly grew between the two nations with both parties helping each other out in times of need.

While diplomatically isolated from the continent, news and scouts reported the warpath of the September prince whose eyes were set on destroying the elven city of Caras Eldar and other elven settlements. During the siege of Caras Eldar in the year 1695, the Elves of Aegrothond rallied their armies and sailed to the shores of Atlas, quickly marching to the aid of Caras Eldar. Fighting alongside the other nations, including the Human Kingdoms and other Elven factions Prince Feanor and King Belestram lead the assault, rallying their numbers they played an important role in the defense of the Sparrow Grove and defeating the Prince.

With the mysterious Blizzard threatening to cover the whole of Atlas in an eternal winter coming from the south of Atlas, the island kingdom grew concerned with conflicting reports regarding the Vaeyl order in the south. King Belestram ordered scouts and spies to be sent to Atlas, their mission to gather data on the new threat. After years of reports on the matter, the King and his ruling council came to a decision to help their dwarven allies should they interfere with the red Vaeyl, the Yatl blizzard now covering the whole of Atlas in a thick blanket of snow. With the Dwarves joining the other descendant factions to push the vaeyl out of Atlas through The Ice Wall in the south, the elves of Aegrothond joined their bearded allies in the Final Push to banish the Red Vaeyl. The battle ended with the Descendants themselves being pushed back to the opposite side of the wall, the massive gate closing shut with the descendants along with the Elves of Aegrothond trapped on the other side; a wall of ice blocking them from Atlas. Now having to journey further south through the frozen tundra, King Belestram along with his son Feanor, and others of the Ruling council, lead their people towards the new land which would later be called Arcas.


Belestram upon arriving to the continent of Arcas, would quickly lead his people to a small island chain in the south. Settling on a large island, many years were spent with the elven people building their city secluding themselves once more for a brief period. Due to the rival elven nations including Gladewynn, Haelun'or and the threat of slavers kidnapping the population the gates of Aegrothond remained shut for many years. The elven realm would also enforce a strict visiting policy only allowing important ambassadors and people of allied nations inside the city. With the Princedom now safe from nearby threats, Belestram and Illynora focused their efforts on securing potential nearby allies along the southern coast of Arcas. While Belestram remained hesitant towards reaching out far from the coast, the neighboring dwarven kingdom of Agnarum in the North remained staunch allies of the Princedom.