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Appearance Varies
Ranking:: ArchAengul
Proxies:: The Ascended
Domain(s):: Caretaker of Souls, Lady of the Soulstream
Hostility: Low
Note: AenguDaemonica fall under jurisdiction of the LT.
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Lady of the Soulstream, Archaengul of the Aenguldaemons

Once, long ago, the vast and forgotten realm of Abrietas lay dormant far from the heavens and the mortal realm. Twas’ a place of untold cold for the wandering souls that littered this place, trudging their way across the vast and discolored deserts attempting to find the salvation that would lead them away from this purgatory of weary ghosts. Some would eventually find their exit, either through luck, time, or a combination of both. But for many, the realm of Abrietas was a prison where the dead remained and suffered for eternity.

The realm of Abrietas was not, by right, the home of the Archaengul. She looked to the desolate plane and the damned souls with pity and compassion as she entered the realm of her own volition, not content with merely leaving the denizens to their fate. Here she began the process of lifting up the fallen, the lost, and the weary; aiding them in their quest to reach the Relative Center. She facilitated and eased the burdens left by this formerly godforsaken realm and ushered in an age of light to guide the righteous to their final destination, and for accomplishing such a monumental but selfless task, her followers looked to her in awe.

Aeriel is a more prominent figure in the history of the mortal races. Benevolent in her actions and her task she is the responsible figure for guiding the Souls of the Dead. Dubbed the Caretaker of Souls she has made it her personal mission to guide and comfort the lost souls on their journey to the Afterlife, her realm serving as a Purgatory of sorts as she spends her time comforting the lost to prepare them for their afterlife. Aeriel’s message is one of kind caution; your soul is sacred and precious - do not waste it so carelessly. She is assisted in her work by the Patron of Endings, Sokar.

She takes her task seriously and zealously demonstrated at such a time when she declared Holy War upon the acts of the Betrayer, Iblees the Fallen. She is considered the Arch-rival of the Fallen Arch-Daemon, ever at each other’s throats because of the actions of each other. Her direct followers, the ancient Ascended, carry out her will with equal zealousness in the image of their Patron, helping the weakened and punishing those who would push the boundaries of Souls.

Aeriel is dubbed the title of Arch-Aengul for her strong will and initiative to take action. She has taken the Mongoose as her patron animal as a warning to those who would think to follow the path of the Betrayer.

The Ascended Order

The Ascended are the holy order serving beneath Aerial, fighting to restore and maintain worldly peace, using the blessings of Aerial to restore balance in the world when dark forces grow too strong. They have three sects: Ruin, Rapture, and Rapport. Each has its own special abilities and duties within their Order. Together, they seek to better the world and guide the descendants toward peaceful lives.

When an Ascended has served their purpose in life and the time has come for them to travel to the Soulstream, they are welcomed by the deceased comrades of ages past. Here they serve as wardens for the damned souls of tainted creatures, those that dwell in the in the furthest recesses of the deserts, and shepherds for the pious and just. Within the Soulstream the Ascended maintain Aeriel’s authority and enforce her iron will, ensuring that any who threaten her reign will be met by flame and light.

Betwixt the blasted deserts where the wretched spirits of the damned dwell and the Relative Center lay the seat of the Archaengul herself; a marvelous city of gold and silver where the Ascended of the Soulstream coordinate with their mistress to assist in her duties. The city of Sacellum is vast, but it does not want for soldiers; as the treachery of Haven has supplied plenty.   While the Ascended of the Soulstream usher the dead and defend against the damned, the Ascended of the mortal realm do much the same. Thus a balance is maintained, and it is this holy symmetry that the Ascended strive to protect.