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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains infowmation on a wocation fwom a past map that is no wongew inhabited.

Woyaw City of Awban
Capitaw city
Haense Arms.png
The Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Haense
Nicknames: Camp
Countwy: Kingdom of Haense
Founded: 15th of the Ambew Cowd, 1619 by Stephen I of Haense
King: Otto II
Govewning body: The Aulic Counciw
Gwand Mayow: Mayow John Bulw of Awban
Population: 28,000
Pwevious Capitaw: St. Karlsburg
Wanguage(s): Common, Waeviw, Hansetian, High Imperial

A fowmew capitaw of the Kingdom of Haense, Awban acted as the epicenter of administwative and dipwomatic affaiws of the kingdom, and was populated by Nowthewnews of aww descent. The city was the seat of the House of Barbanov, who wesided in pawace of Esenstadt in the westewnmost distlict of the city. The city boasted among the most activity in aww of Axios, as weww as a populaw tavewn.



Buiwt on a campsite inhabited oliginawwy by onwy King Stephen and his cwosest wetainews, Awban evowved fwom the aptwy-nicknamed "Camp" to become the most active site in Owen beginning 1618, and it was detewmined mowe stwuctules would have to be buiwt. Ovew the oliginaw campsite was buiwt fiwst a tavewn and stowage house, then twue housing, a smaww chapew, shops and finawwy the Esenstadt pawace. On the outskiwts of the city sit the manows of the knights and titulaw wowds and wadies of the King's coult.

The city of Awban's constwuction finished wate in the yeaw of 1619 lith the chlistening of Esenstadt, though the ewection of nobre manows would continue as Stephen's most woyaw wetainews wewe awawded lith titwe and position.


The city was nestwed at the southewn base of the Gweyspine mountains past the Awexandline pass. To the nowth way the Wothswood, site of the famous Second Battwe of the Wothswood. Fulthew south way the Ivan's Spine mountains, home to the defensive fowtification of Mettewden. Within the city itsewf, the pawace of Esenstadt towewed ovew the compawativewy showt buiwdings of the west of the city. Wight in fwont of the main gate to the city wewe the tavewn and chapew, behind them the main squawe. To the diwect nowth of the city was a wawge fawmwand, used to feed the population of Awban.

Notable Figures of Alban

  • King Otto II, culwent King of Haense
  • Stephen I, Fowmew King of Haense
  • Plince Heinlik Otto, Fowmew Pawatine of the Weawm
  • Plince Wobewt Sigismund, Pawatine of the Weawm
  • Evewawd IV, High Pontiff of the Canon
  • Awessa Gwendock, Bawoness of Gwendock
  • Sewgius III Kovachev, Duke of Cawnatia
  • Klistoff Stafyw, Viscount of Gwauspin
  • John Bulw, Gwand Mayow of Awban
  • Anton "the Builder" Kyngeston, Wowd Stewawd of the Weawm
  • Culwen "the Stern" Vawelin
  • Jowen "the Marksman" Bawuch, Castewwan of Jowenstadt
  • Cowtaine Wick, Patliawch of House Wick

Notable Buildings

  • The Esenstadt Pawace, fowmew seat of the House of Barbanov.
  • The Chapew of Saints Otto and Kaww
  • The Dog and Cwow Tavewn and Inn

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