Amalie of Antioch

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Lady Amalie of Antioch
Duchess consort of Vidaus
Reign: 1688 - 1707
Predecessor: Title created
Successor: Aaliyah Vallberg
Born: 5th of the Amber Cold, 1667
Markev , Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
Spouse: Demetrius III, Duke of Vidaus
House: Caunter
Father: Alstion Caunter, Baron of Antioch
Mother: Klara af Norland

Lady Amalie of House Caunter was the second Duchess-Consort of Vidaus, serving briefly as a royal scribe to Robert I. Upon her husband's sudden death, she became the Dowager of Vidaus.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Aleksandra I 1685 Alive Josef, Red Prince of Muldav Grand Princess of Muldav
Konstantin var Ruthern I 1686 Alive Aaliyah of Vrakai A Duke of Vidaus.
Sigmar var Ruthern 1689 Alive Unwed N/A
Tatiana vas Ruthern 1690 Alive Unwed N/A