Anna of Pruvia

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Anna, Duchess of Dorhay
Duchess of Ostland
Tenure: 1741 - present
Predecessor: Charles Preussens
Born: 20th of Sun’s Smile, 1729
Spouse: Unwed
House: House of Pruvia
Father: John-Henry, Prince of Pruvia
Mother: Margarita, Baroness of Rafal

Anna Maria Pruvia (20th of Sun’s Smile, 1729 - present) is the eldest child and daughter of John-Henry, Prince of Pruvia and Margarita of Marna, an heiress to the Houses of Pruvia and Marna by way of her parentage. Raised in the both the lands of Marna and Khalestine in Aeldin during her youth, Anna was given an astounding education by private tutors indebted to her late grandfather, Joseph of Marna. This paved the way for her introduction to the Imperial court of Helena, where she was quickly made the ward and protegee of the Emperor's wife, Lorena of Augustin.

In 1741, following the tradition of election within the House of Pruvia, Anna Maria was made heir to her father officially. She was afforded the title Duchess of Ostland.