Annunziata of Marna

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Annunziata of Marna
Holy Orenian Empress
Tenure: 1715-1721
Coronation: Not Coronated
Predecessor: Elizabeth of Alba
Successor: Adeline of Alstion
Born: 15 of Sun's Smile, 1679, Carolustadt, Renatus, Man
Died: 1745, Casa de Rafal, Shafei, Khalestine Sultanate, Aeldin
Spouse: Joseph I (m. 1695)
House: Marna
Father: Commodus Marna
Mother: Yanalia Kavietsby

Maria Cordelia Marna, known alternatively as Annunziata Almas of Marna and born as Maria Cordelia Horen (12 Malin's Welcome 1679 – 1745) was the Empress-Consort of the Holy Orenian Empire as the wife of Pretender, Joseph I. Born and raised in Carolustadt, Annunziata Almas Marna was initially destined to become a nun of the Church. However, Annunziata was married to her cousin, Joseph, in 1695. The ceremony was held within the family's personal manor and chapel, resting within the Aeldinic region of Khalestine, where she'd be baptised under a name befitting her father's maternal farfolk origins. She'd breed many healthy heirs for the pair.

Due to a brief affair between young Joseph and the daughter of a household knight, the Empress was never once seen by her husband's subjects, likely due to both estrangement and her own safety during the War of the Two Emperors.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Joseph-Henry of Marna 16 Grand Harvest 1700 Alive Unwed Firstborn child and son of Joseph I and Annunziata of Marna, the Prince of Bastion.
Francesca Pietia of Marna 8 Deep Cold 1702 10th of Sun's Smile, 1722 Unwed Firstborn daughter of Joseph I and Annunziata of Marna, the Princess Imperial. Later committed suicide.
Catherine Frederique of Marna 29 Amber Cold 1704 10th of Grand Harvest 1735 Unwed Secondborn daughter of Joseph I and Annunziata of Marna. A sister of the Church of Canon.
Margarita Eleanora of Marna 15 Sun's Smile 1706 Alive John-Henry of Pruvia Thirdborn daughter to Joseph I and Annunziata of Marna, 2nd Baroness of Rafal.
Josephine Philippa of Marna 12 Horen's Welcome 1708 13 Horen's Welcome 1742 Unwed Fourthborn daughter to Joseph I and Annunziata of Marna, the Baroness of Rafal.
Victoria Augusta of Marna 2 Sun's Smile 1710 Alive Tristan, Prince of Ostwick Fifthborn daughter of Joseph I and Annunziata of Marna.