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Anthos (1420-1454) is a previous Realm featured used on the Lord of the Craft. The third main and sixth world overall, it was introduced after the Fall of Asulon and immediately followed the occupation of Elysium and Kalos. The End of the Anthosian Era, and the end of the realm called Anthos, came on the year of 1457 (14/04/14) with a movement of the Scourge towards the Door of Eternity, the entrance of The Fringe, a new world which the entrance had been found and opened not long before.


See: Modern History of Anthos

Nations of Anthos


Cities and Settlements

Notable Figures


  • High Prince Eleron Sylvaeri - Last High Prince of Malinor
  • High Princess Titania Hawksong - Long ruling High Princess of Malinor
  • Prince Ebs Telrunya - Longtime publisher of The Flagship
  • Archdruid Callx - Archdruid of the Druidic Order
  • Kalameet Izalith - Traitor, First Justiciar of Conclave
  • Darius DeNurem - Traitor, Second Justiciar of Conclave
  • Artimec Camoryn - Traitor, Delver Regent, Laurir of Lenniel
  • Elorna Lle'hileia - Laurir of Lenniel, Druid
  • Kaldo Raven'kor - Head of Clan Raven'kor, Laurir of Lenniel
  • Iatrilemar Elervathar - Invented Arcanism, researched the golden pools.


  • Omithiel Strongbrow - A Grand King of Urguan, known as a humble and compassionate ruler during the dawn of Anthos and Kal'Azgoth
  • Thorin Grandaxe - A Grand King of Urguan, known as an ironfisted and determined ruler who conquered the Empire of Oren in Thorin's War
  • Igor Ireheart - Notorious commander and legendary warrior, finally slain by Ondnarch after killing him.
  • Zahrer Irongrinder - Grand Marshal during the Second Oren-Dwarf war, known for being a skilled tactician and defensive engineer.
  • Indago Stormhammer - Grand King during the Second Oren-Dwarf war, although not known for military prowess he was able to keep Urguan functioning during the war.
  • Wulfgar Grandaxe - A Grand King of Urguan, known as a just and unyielding ruler.