Arcane Enchanting

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This article pertains to mechanics that are no longer implemented.

For an up to date list of mechanics, see this page.

Arcane Enchanting is a combat mechanic created through professions, which adds arcane staffs, used to channel magical energies, and arcane crystals used to perform special abilities. It used to add another dynamic to player versus player combat on Lord of the Craft, and are not to be confused roleplay magic which needs to be learned separately, and is much more in-depth and diverse than these simple spells. In order to use this mechanic, you need to create a staff, as well as arcane crystals for whichever spell you want to use.


These enchanted crystals do not use mana, but are rather alchemical and mystical in nature, drawing energy from the Void through runes and the natural world.

Creating a Staff

You require four main components to create a staff. A wooden rod, a flawless gem, an empty rune, and aurum dust.

First, you will require a lumberjack to get a Branch. These are given by random chance. For this tutorial we will be using a Windswept Branch.


Then, you need a woodworker to refine the branch into a Wooden Rod. You will need two branches, and some time. This will give us a Windswept Wooden Rod.


The next step is to head to the mines! A miner will need to get a Crude Ore, which is given by random drop chance. We will use Crude Ruby.


A stonemason can then refine the crude ore into a Flawless Gem. This will take some time, but we will get ourselves a Flawless Ruby.

flawless ruby.png

Finally, you need Aurum Dust. Start with crude aurum, which can be obtained like the other crude ores, and have a blacksmith turn it into a Refined Aurum Ingot, which can then be processed by a stonemason into aurum dust.

aurum dust.png

Now, head over to the tinker table and put it all together! This will be a quick item to craft, however depending on the rod and gem used it may require a higher leveled craftsman.

magic staff.png

Now we have our Windswept Ruby Staff. The level of the Arcane enchantment is based on the gem used, and the durability comes from the wooden rod used.

Creating Crystals

Crystal creation is a three step process, and requires a Tinker and an Enchanter.

First, you need a stonemason to create an Empty Rune, which requires blaze powder and some other simple ingredients. Blaze rods can be made by a tinker.

empty rune.png

Next, you will need some basic materials which can be purchased at stores or gathered through mining. These can be assembled with the rune at a tinker table to create an Empty Crystal. You get 32 empty crystals for each time you craft.

empty crystal.png

Then, depending on what ability you want to use, you need to gather some simple ingredients, and assemble them with the Empty Crystal in the tinker table. For this tutorial we will be creating the Explosive Crystal. This recipe requires a fire charge, which can be made very easily though the tinker table. Every recipe is different, but all of them require eight empty crystals, and give you eight crystals packed with your reagents.


Finally, you will need an enchanter to imbue your crystal with arcane energy. You can use the following glyph, or a book with the enchantment, and you can imbue up to 16 crystals at a time.

arcane glyph.png

Now, within the hour you should have your Powered Explosive Crystal, and are ready to put it to use!

powered explosive.png


There are five abilities that can be used with arcane staffs:

  • Explosive - A projectile that explodes at the end, damaging nearby players and their armor.
  • Blinding - A projectile that will give players hit by it slowness and blindness for a few seconds.
  • Forceful - Players directly ahead of you are knocked back.
  • Defensive - Creates a barricade of glass in front of you for a few seconds.
  • Regenerative - An area of effect spell which gives players within a 3 block radius regeneration while within the radius.

Using Arcane Staffs

Once you have your staff and crystals, it is very simple to use them.

  • Hold your staff in your hand.
  • Have the crystal you want to use in your inventory.
  • Click and stand still for two seconds. This will consume a crystal.
  • The ability will be activated! You will be on cooldown for ten seconds and one durability point will be taken from your staff.

You can not use staffs while on a horse, or in any armour other than leather.

The level of the Arcane enchantment on your staff will make the ability more powerful!