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"The Map of Arcas"

Arcas (1705-present)


1705- The Descendants successfully arrive from Atlas to Arcas in migration.

1707- High-elves successfully settle into hand built settlement located north of Helena (Renatus) And west of Reza (Haense)

1707- The dwarves of the Kingdom of Agnarum make a new kingdom, the Under-Realm of Urguan

1711- The Sacking of Ves occurred, Adria reduced to ashes and rubble, citizens evacuated

1711- The EU (or better known as) Elven Union forms upon the 8th of The Grand Harvest [1]

1715 - The War of the Two Emperors begins

1721- The War of the Two Emperors ends, and the humans unite under the Holy Orenian Empire

1724- The Three-Month War Begins


Arcas was first discovered by the Descendants


Arcas is a single continent surrounded by a band of islands.

Points of Interest

Nations of Arcas

  • Empire of Renatus
  • Under-Realm of Urguan
  • Alderyn
  • Federation of Sutica
  • Kingdom of Haense
  • Kingdom of Curonia
  • Principality of Aegrothond
  • Druidic Order
  • Duchy of Adria
  • Princedom of Fenn
  • Silver State of Haelun'or
  • Cities and Settlements

    Kal'Varoth of the Under-Realm of Urguan

    Berr'lin of the Silver State of Haelun'or

    Helena of the Empire of Renatus

    Reza of the Kingdom of Haense

    Avalain of the Kingdom of Curonia

    Ves of the Duchy of Adria