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"The Map of Arcas"

Arcas (1705-present)


  • 1705 - The Descendants successfully arrive from Atlas to Arcas in migration.
  • 1707 - High-elves successfully settle into hand built settlement located north of Helena ( Renatus) And west of Reza ( Haense).
  • 1707 - The dwarves of the Kingdom of Agnarum make a new kingdom, the Under-Realm of Urguan.
  • 1711 - The Sacking of Ves occurred, Adria reduced to ashes and rubble, citizens evacuated.
  • 1711 - The EU (or better known as) Elven Union forms upon the 8th of The Grand Harvest. [1]
  • 1718 - The first Voidal Tear appeared along the southwestern peninsula of the Korvassa. [2]
  • 1715 - The War of the Two Emperors begins.
  • 1721 - The War of the Two Emperors ends, and the humans unite under the Holy Orenian Empire.
  • 1724 - The Three-Month War begins.
  • 1724 - The Three-Month War ends with a white treaty signed between the Holy Orenian Empire and the Dwarves of the Under-Realm of Urguan.
  • 1731 - The Eternal Library reopens within the Silver State of Haelun'or.
  • Discovery

    Arcas was first discovered by the Descendants


    Arcas is a single continent surrounded by a band of islands.

    Points of Interest

    Nations of Arcas

  • Holy Orenian Empire
  • Under-Realm of Urguan
  • War Nation of Krugmar
  • Federation of Sutica
  • Kingdom of Haense
  • Kingdom of Curonia
  • Principality of Aegrothond
  • Druidic Order
  • Kingdom of Kaedrin
  • Princedom of Fenn
  • Silver State of Haelun'or
  • The Concord of Llyria
  • Cities and Settlements

  • Helena of the Empire of Renatus
  • Kal'Varoth of the Under-Realm of Urguan
  • San'Strok of the War Nation of Krugmar
  • Sutica of the Federation of Sutica
  • Reza of the Kingdom of Haense
  • Avalain of the Kingdom of Curonia
  • Caras Aegrothond of the Principality of Aegrothond
  • Ves of the Kingdom of Kaedrin
  • Talus Grove of the Druidic Order
  • Tahu’lareh of the Princedom of Fenn
  • Berr'lin of the Silver State of Haelun'or
  • Omeryn of the Concord of Llyria