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Arethor was the capital city of the Kingdom of Renatus and later Oren in Asulon. It was one of the largest and most populated cities in Asulon. Much of the trade conducted among the Humans passed through the city and there were many active businesses. It is also well known for being rebuilt many times according to the needs of the citizens, the desires of the leaders and after damage from Drake attacks and lightning.


When the boats first arrived in Asulon the Humans headed south of the Sanctuary of the Cloud Temple. The settlers of Renatus claimed the ruins of Celestiran, an ancient Human kingdom. It featured broken and collapsing walls, ruins of docks, houses and a cathedral. It was decided that the city would be restored to create a grand capital for the Kingdom of Renatus.

Construction of the city began immediately. Repairing the walls took greatest priority, since an attack by another nations was considered likely. Work on the middle-class, noble and shop districts also began, as well as the creation of several farms for the people. It took several years before the development of the city took off.

Under the rule of King Godfrey I the city was ordered to be completely redesigned. There were several reasons for the decision, including a large design that was not suited to defend in case of an attack, damage from lightning strikes and extremely bad damage from Drakes. Several new designs for the city were considered before reconstruction began. A smaller core city was designed inside the reduced city walls, with other housing and farms outside. The ruins of the Cathedral and remains of the slums were a good distance away from the main city and closer to Ager as a result.

Following the acquisitions of Seventis, Salvus and Hanseti by Renatus the kingdom was renamed the Holy Oren Empire, with Arethor as the capital.


The city was divided into districts before the reconstruction. The south of the city contained a cathedral that was restored from ruins. Several large farms were created west of the city, outside the walls. Following the city reconstruction the new city of Arethor was created containing hoses, shops, a bank, the Palace, library and Cathedral of Saint Everard. Some areas of the original city remained, such as the slums and first Cathedral. Other parts were altered for different purposes.


Arethor attracted several merchants who set up shops. As the city lay approximately in the middle of the Holy Oren Empire much of the trade within the nation occurred in the city. Representatives from other races frequently went to the city to sell products or make deals for future trade.


The buildings of the city mimicked those of other Human cities, notably Al'Khazar. Most buildings were made of wood and white plaster, with glass panes made by skilled glaziers. The walls were made out various stone materials, as were the Cathedrals. Stone brick was quite common among the newer parts of the city. The slums were made out of highly flammable wood, with open sewers and cracked stone.

Surrounding Area

The city sat on a large plain. Oceans to the east provided access to the Holy Lands and other nations by boat. To the north were the Greywise Mountains and the road to Salvus. To the south was the border with Hanseti, dominated by snow and mountains. To the west were the great plains used for farming.