Arthur Roswell

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Duke of Istria
Reign: 1539-1549
Predecessor: Philip
Successor: John
Personal Details
Born: 1493
Istria, Oren
Died: 27th of the Amber Cold, 1549 (aged 56)
Meric, Lorraine, Oren
Spouse: Ilithyia Falkenrath
House: Roswell
Father: Henry Roswell
Mother: Amare de Sola

Arthur Roswell (1493 – 27th of the Amber Cold, 1549) was Count of Pompourelia and later Duke Istria from 1539 to 1549, serving ten years in the ducal chair. Originally serving as Titus, Duke of Istria's knight and bannerman, he was granted the fertile lands of Pompourelia as reward for his service in the Dukes' War. Arthur frequently quarrelled with his rival and fellow vassal and father-in-law, Octavius Falkenrath, which dominated him for most of his life.

Arthur is best known for his actions in the Second Diet of Metz, his cunning and intrigue leading to Lord Falkenrath's demise and his lands forfeit, as well as gaining favor of Emperor John in the process. For being the Emperor's benevolent grace, he was elevated as Duke of Istria when John's nephews Philip, Duke of Istria and Philip Augustus de Capua were slain by Rendon Vimmark during the Saltstone Plot.

Arthur served ten years as duke, for which he spent mainly consolidating his hold among his dissenting vassals, which refused to have a Roswell wearing the coronet. His quick rise and even quicker attainment of enemies saw him a frequent target in multiple plots, and had a falling out with Augustus d'Amaury and Prince Elias of Savoy before the former's death and the latter's banishment in part of the Taxman's Conspiracy. Arthur died at the age of 56, succeeded by his son John Roswell.


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