Atandt Irongrinder

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Atandt Irongrinder
"One dwed is worth a hundred humans.”

Born: 1598
Height: 4'1
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Parents: Zahrer Irongrinder, Unknown
Under-King of Urguan
Reign: 1718-Present
Predecessor: Fimlin Grandaxe
Successor: N/A

Atandt would be driven by constant conflict in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. When he turned 30, his father Zahrer Irongrinder had become the Grand King and he would become a kingsguard after years of combat training, a position he would stay in until the fall of the Grand Kingdom. He would live out the rest of Axios quietly on Arcadia before moving to the temple of Az’Adar in Atlas. After the forming of Agnarum, he would move there in Arcas becoming the Grand Marshal of the legion before winning an election for the position of Under-King. During his reign, his focus would be for the dwedmar to become a great nation again.