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Atlas (1643-Present) is a wild, mostly uncharted landscape that has next to no mention in ancient texts. This area seems to be sacred to a number of religions and magic arts for unknown reasons but the contient is largely abandoned. Orcish ruins dot the landscape intermixed with elven monuments, some parts of the land display a gorgeous majesty that stands as a testament to this beautiful, almost untouched, landscape. For all this serene beautiful however there rests a faint stillness in the air - as if all of the land, the trees, the rocks, are all waiting, breath abated, for the next stage of the play. The few ruins that are around on this landscape are decayed but the signs of a struggle still remain hidden under the wild voracious overgrowth, stories yet untold for men and women to find.


Altas is a wild and untamed landscape dotted with heavy Orcish and Elven influence, the story of this land has been lost to time but slowly is coming to light.


Atlas was first discovered by the Descendants on a journey to escape the ruined landscape of Axios. They followed a naval chart that mapped the way to a potential new home but were blown off course in a sudden barrage of weather and found themselves on the peninsula of Atlas.


Atlas is a single continent surrounded by a band of islands. The climate of Atlas is extremely varied, with the northern tip of the continent consisting of arid deserts and mesas, to the more temperate center, and then the frigid tundras of the south. At the far south of Atlas, there is a massive wall made of ice that extends across the landmass, leaving everything further south unknown as of right now.

Points of Interest

  • The Jade Peaks
  • The West Peak
  • The East Peak
  • Coral Peak
  • The Shrieking Drake Island
  • Rep Isles
  • The Tide Isles
  • Hiist Isles
  • Lobster Isles
  • Golf Isles
  • The Yatl Wasteland
  • The Frozen Pines
  • The Barrow Downs
  • South Downs
  • The Timberwoods
  • Forkwoods
  • Serpentwoods
  • Wonkawoods
  • Loftywoods
  • East Bight
  • Gules Mountains
  • The Mixed Knolls
  • Swaymoors
  • Burztorgo Firelands
  • Sleetfells
  • The Evergreen
  • Wilderlands
  • The Chalk Alps
  • Garrond's Vale
  • Forested Highlands
  • Twin Highlands
  • Huckery Highlands
  • Pridelands
  • The Bole Mounds
  • Spring Hills
  • Lochmoors

Important Locations

  • Last Hope

A barren and desolate castle ruined in the most southern quadrant of this world, the stone fortress sits against the backdrop of a towering barrier of ice. Wind howls through the hollow walls of the fortress and ghostly figures are sometimes seen on the ramparts of this massive structure, gazing out at any who travel too close to their vigil.

The verdant and bustling capital of the Elven Dominion, in the forested north-western corner of the continent. Close to its stone walls sits a mysterious spire of pale stone, a relic of the ancient Elven civilization which inhabited Atlas in years long gone by.

Nations of Atlas

Dominion of Malin

Druidic Order

Federation of Sutica

Kingdom of Haense

Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah

Empire of Man

Kingdom of Santegia

Princedom of Fenn

Silver State of Haelun'or

Warhawke Chiefdom

War Nation of Krugmar

Earldom of Nordengrad

Republic of Holm

Random Tidbits

  • Atlas is in the Southern Hemisphere of the world of Aegis
  • Atlas has a deep history for every race but especially Orcs and Elves.
  • On a different note, did you know: There are different types of Dragons?