Augustus d'Amaury

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Tenure: 1541-1547
Monarch: John I
Preceded by: Adrian, Duke of Leone
Succeeded by: Adrian, Duke of Leone
Archduke of Lorraine
Reign: 1521-1547
Predecessor: Francis II (As Duke of Adria)
Successor: Lothar
Born: 10th of the Grand Harvest, 1501
Kaer Angren, Renatus
Died: 21st of the Grand Harvest, 1547 (aged 46)
Felsen, Oren
(1) Annabelle of Peremont
(2) Milena of Savoy
House: d'Amaury
Father: Titus, Duke of Istria
Mother: Gloria of Savoy

Augustus d'Amaury (10th of the Grand Harvest, 1501 – 21st of the Grand Harvest, 1547), known as both the Iron Duke in the Empire and Kazdorin (Common: Anvil) in Urguan, was an Imperial noble, general and statesman. He was titled Duke of Lorraine and later Archduke of Lorraine and Kaedrin. He was an adviser and general in the service of the kings Olivier de Savoie and Guy de Bar and finally (And most significantly) his friend, cousin and brother-in-law, Emperor John, serving on the latter's councils of both war and state as the acting Imperial field-marshal. Before his campaigning in the Eighteen Years' War against the dwarves, he was notorious for his controversial actions during the Dukes' War in repressing the Adrian rebels and for crushing victory at the Siege of Barrowyk and the Battle of the Blackwald. As a reward for these military successes, he was declared ruler of the former Adrian territories, taking the title Duke of Lorraine. Though he was by birth the second son of Duke Titus of Istria, upon his accession to the duchy he took the cadet name d'Amaury, establishing his own, separate dynasty.

A controversial figure, Augustus is remarked as being one of the greater generals of his generations, scoring numerous victories in both the Dukes' War and the Eighteen Years' War. He established his own dynastic line, the House d'Amaury, having close marriages with both the House of Horen and House of Ashford and eventually gaining their own royal title in 1595. Following his death, he was pronounced a hero of humanity for his service to Emperor John I, though in life he fell under heavy scrutiny for his brutal actions against the Adrian rebels a mere few decades before. The festering tensions brought about by these actions would culminate in his lynching and death in the streets of the capital city a quarter of a century later in 1547, occurring nine days subsequent to the death of his liege and patron the Emperor.

Early years


Royalist commander-in-chief


Military commands




Marriage and issue

Upon the accession of Guy de Bar to the crown in 1523, Augustus wed the king's daughter from his first marriage to Jeanette Stafyr, Annabelle. She bore him two daughters, however, she died in a controversial pact of suicide with her mother-in-law Emelie de Sola upon her father's assassination in 1526. Augustus remarried as a much older man in 1541 to Milena de Savoie, the daughter of Gereon de Savoie. She bore him three sons, Lothaire, Jacques and John. The archduke also had an illegitimate son. His first daughter, Eleanor, was wed to the Archchancellor Adrian Rothesay, several decades her senior, as his second wife.

Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Eleanore d'Amaury 12th of the Snow's Maiden, 1523 Unknown Adrian Rothesay Duchess-consort of Leone. Had issue, including Warwick, Arthur and Richard Rothesay.
Adelaide d'Amaury 23rd of the Amber Cold, 1525 Unknown, circa 1573 Elias of Savoy (His death: 9th of the Amber Cold, 1569) Had issue.
Ferdinand Summers c. 1531 Unknown Never married Illegitimate. Although there are claims to suggest that Ferdinand Summers was the lovechild of Augustus and an unnamed Stafyr noblewoman.
Lothar, Archduke of Lorraine 5th of the Grand Harvest, 1545 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1574 Never married Archduke of Lorraine from his father's death in 1547 until his own death from leprosy in 1574. Was incapacitated from complications of his leprosy from 1572-1574.
James, Prince-Bishop of Metz 3rd of Malin's Welcome, 1546 Unknown Henrietta of Marchand Regent of Lorraine for his older brother from 1572-1574. Archduke of Lorraine from his brother's death in 1574 until his abdication in 1583.
John I, King of Lotharingia 24th of the Grand Harvest, 1547 23rd of the First Seed, 1597 Princess Charlotte of Alstion Posthumous child of his father. Archduke of Lorraine from 1585.