Battle of the Rivers

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Battle of the Rivers
Part of the War of the Two Emperors
Battle of the Rivers.jpg
Renatian, Norlander and Reiter cavalry corp running down Orenian peasants on the Battle of the Rivers 1716
Date: 1716
Location: Reza, Ves
Result: Decisive Renatian Victory
Empire of Renatus:
Empire of Man.png Empire of Renatus
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
KRUGMARFLAG.png Rexdom of Krugmar
IMG 3918.PNG Kingdom of Courland
reiter.png Reiter Mercenaries
House Bartham
Holy Orenian Empire:
imperialorenia.png Holy Orenian Empire
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
vescoat.png Golden City of Ves
leuvencoatofarms.png County of Leuven
Fenn Tundrak Banner.png Princedom of Fenn
Reiver Crest.png Reiver Mercenaries
Commanders and leaders
Empire of Renatus:
Empire of Man.png Martinus Horen
Empire of Man.png Donald Dabber
norland.png Alvar I, King of Norland
KRUGMARFLAG.png Burbur'Lur, Rex of Krugmar
IMG 3918.PNG Percival II Staunton
Holy Orenian Empire:
imperialorenia.png Arthur de Falstaff
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Marius II, King of Hanseti-Ruska
vescoat.png Alfred Myre, Prince of Ves
leuvencoatofarms.png Conrad de Falstaff, Count of Leuven
Fenn Tundrak Banner.png Aelthir Tundrak, Grand Prince of Fenn
Empire of Renatus:
6,000 Infantry, 1,000 Cavalry
Holy Orenian Empire:
5,500 Infantry, 1,000 Cavalry
Empire of Renatus:
~1,500 dead or missing
Holy Orenian Empire:
~5,000 dead or missing

The Battle of the Rivers was a large scale battle between the Empire of Renatus and the Holy Orenian Empire, being reconized as a large battle in the war. Although no land was attained by each side, it was a major morale booster for the Renatian Empire.


The Renatian army had provisioned, equipped and rationed their army on the frontline of Nordengrad. This was much to the dismay of the Orenian marshal and the legions under him who sought out to rid the Renatian army from the border. At the helm of the Renatian army rode Hannibal Horen, recently legitimized and promoted to the rank of field commander. His task, his mission, to plan a campaign deep into Orenian lines and begin burning villages. The peasantry who raised arms and craftsmen which supplied the Orenian war machine with food and equipment were also valid targets of the campaign.

Hannibal Horen began the campaign by carefully maneuvering the army around Leuven so that he might gain unrestricted access to the riverlands of Haense and Ves. His army began its campaign of bloody warfare, and set to salting the fields as well as raiding nearby villages. At first the Renatian campaign met no resistance until a band of Reiver mercenaries tried to halt their advance. The Reiver band, although brave enough to fight a numerically superior army were isolated and cut down by well trained skirmishers and cavalry, whatever remained of their party retreated to the city gates of Reza.


The campaign came to a sudden halt twenty days after the battle against the Reivers, when word of the Orenian army marching upon their own spread amongst the raiding parties. The bait had been set and taken, the Orenian and Renatian armies were set to meet at center of the riverlands. In anticipation of Orenian cavalry and a potential flank, the cavalry corp of the Renatian army was carefully placed on the right flank.

When the two armies clashed on the field, the Renatian infantry took the full brunt of the Orenian army. It appeared to be a certain defeat, yet resolve and courage is a trait inherently bound to the men of the Imperium Renatum. It would be foolish to state that the battle had started well for the Renatian side, yet the tide turned immediately when waves of Renatian shock cavalry smacked into the side of the ensuing melee, like a hammer collapsing upon a brittle anvil. The cavalry corps pulled through the ranks of Orenian infantry, before riding out through the back and collapsing back in for yet another charge.