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Blackaxe Clan Sigil

The Blackaxe Clan is a clan of hardy and battle pron Dwarves who's lust for fame and glory is seldom fullfilled. Originally formed in Aegis after an inter Grandaxe dispute, it would rejoin it's Braveaxe brothers to re-create the Grandaxe Clan. Then in Axios the clan was reformed in New Jornheim by Wulfgar, Torvin, Astmar and Darain Blackaxe after deciding that they wished to help the Frostbeard Clan create a new Dwarven Kingdom, which would become the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah.



Founded by Decks Blackaxe, a grandson of Urguan back in the land of Aegis, the Blackaxe Clan was formed out of a schism within the Grandaxe Clan.