Boris I, Holy Orenian Emperor

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Boris I
Holy Orenian Emperor
Reign: 1467-1467
Coronation: 17th of the Grand Harvest, 1467
Predecessor: Robert I
Successor: Tobias I
King of Ruska
Reign: 1457-1467
Predecessor: Francis(As King of Oren)
Successor: Tobias I (As Holy Orenian Emperor)
Born: 12th of Snow's Maiden, 1441
Kralta, Oren
Died: 6th of the Deep Cold, 1467 (aged 26)
Petrus, Oren
Spouse: Unwed
House: Carrion
Father: Tobias I, Holy Orenian Emperor
Mother: Mary of Corpathia

Boris Tobias, known as Boris I during his short tenure as Holy Orenian Emperor and as Boris III during his rule as Grand Prince of Ruska (High Imperial: Borislaus Tobias; Raevir: Boris Tuvic) (12th of Snow's Maiden, 1441 – 6th of the Deep Cold, 1467), of the House of Carrion, was the first emperor of what scholars call the Fourth Empire after the deposition of Robert I as well as the shortest-ruling Holy Orenian Emperor and second shortest-ruling Orenian monarch in history, behind his own uncle King Francis I of Oren.