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Branborough was a Halfling town founded by Petyr Brandybuck in Year 1 of Asulon. The location of Branborough was intentionally hidden, in accordance with the naturally secretive nature of Halflings. However, it could be visited by taking the Salty Salmon from the Cloud Temple Sanctuary Docks. The architecture consisted of traditional Halfling burrows, similar to those of Dunwood.


Upon landing in Asulon, Petyr Brandybuck searched for a suitable place for the Halflings, eventually happening upon the verdant area known as the Vale. Over time, more Halflings arrived seeking a quiet life. Slowly but surely, the town prospered.

Petyr left the Vale after eight years, leaving leadership of Branborough to his nephew, Frerry. Like all other towns in Asulon it is presumed destroyed.

Society and Politics

Branborough was run by one Thane, who accepted any newcomers and oversaw the town in general, and three Elders, who advised the Thane. Thaneship was typically passed down in a family, but Elders were those who had proven their worth and wisdom overtime. There were truly no classes in Branborough, however. The Thane and Elders were of equal standing with all other citizens. Strong community is important to Halflings and parties, gift-giving and other festivities ensure that no one hoards too many resources.

Community is a highly valued part of all Halfling towns. Homes were free, but only given to kind and productive Halflings. There was little conflict between town members, and no chests or doors were locked. Since such a society can hardly exist among other races and peoples, the Halflings are wary of outsiders, though try not to be rude. Citizens of the town did not disclose their location except to other prospective Halflings, for with other races comes conflict and strife.

Most Halflings either fish or farm, but there were job positions such as tailors, painters, writers, and brewers. There was no mining near the town, and lumberjacking only occurred in a particular forest away from the town. This was for several reasons; the land and trees offered concealment of the town, and Petyr was a Druid, discouraging the defilement of land from the beginning.

Landscape and Architecture

The most prominent feature of the town was the Tookwater River, which cut through the very heart of Branborough. The curvy river offered the fastest transportation available and provided a place for both fishing and swimming. However, many avoided swimming as there were rumors of a river monster. These rumours were later confirmed.

Surrounding the river were rolling hills, burrowed out as living quarters for the Halflings. Wild animals could be seen everywhere.

Nearly all of the buildings in the town were circular, a Halfling tradition that dates back hundreds of years to the origin of Halfling culture in Aegis. Non-Halflings frequently find such buildings cramped, but they are a perfect size for their residents.