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Toady Traveler Tavern

The sole tavern of Brandybrook. It serves free booze to all who enter, and contains many temporary rooms for travelers and new halflings to live in. It is located right at the entrance to Brandybrook, and is where most meetings, festivals, Drinking Nights, and other events are held.

The Spicy Shrimp

The main ship of Brandybrook, led by Captain Deek Driftwood. In earlier days it sailed the seas of Arcas almost weekly, but in recent times it's used less, for Deek no longer wishes to put his crew in danger. It is located right where the river meets the ocean, moored against the beaches.

The Docks

Located right next to the river, the docks of Brandybrook are lined with several shops selling farm goods to travelers. The equipment for the popular halfling sport of shogging is also located here, as well as some elevated seating to be used for fishing or relaxation.

The Beach

A lovely beach overlooking the ocean, complete with a bar, umbrella to block out the sun, beach chairs, and a volleyball net. It is located right next to the Spicy Shrimp, where the river meets the ocean.

The Bridge

A bridge across the river to the nearby settlement of Bedevere. It is located right next to the docks.


Brandybrook was founded shortly after the Descendants arrived in Arcas. During its early years, the settlement was still under construction and few halflings actually lived there. After a while, however, Brandybrook was completed and the halflings of Arcas moved in. Many events were held inside of Brandybrook, such as the Brandybrook River Festival and the countless Drinking Nights organized by Daisy Applefoot, and equally as many odd or tragic things occurred, such as the fields becoming infested with gnomes and the discovery of a toilet that flushes its user into the dark domain of the Squid God.

The settlement became known for the many shops situated along its docks. Just like the village of Dunshire that came before it, Brandybrook sold goods to travelers in order to encourage more to visit them. As a result, Brandybrook was visited frequently by larger folks, oftentimes stopping for a drink in the tavern as well. The early Drinking Nights and other festivals attracted many halflings and larger folks alike as well, further increasing Brandybrook's popularity.

All was peaceful and good during the first few years of Brandybrook's existance. However, this long time of peace and quiet would soon end. During the Great Arcas Pumpkin Raid (where all the halflings went on a peace-loving crusade of pumpkins and cake), Daisy Applefoot and several others were slain by Renatian soldiers, leaving the halflings heartbroken. Due to this, the halflings became even more seclusive, only planning Drinking Nights for fellow halflings and rarely venturing outside of their front door. Meanwhile, the halflings' neighbors in Aegrothond grew more and more quiet, further reducing the halflings' contact with the outside world. Their ship, the Spicy Shrimp, no longer sailed the seas. The era of the adventurous Brandybrook halfling came to a close. As of present, Brandybrook is a quaint, quiet village, although far from being empty. Every one of its many burrows are inhabited by halflings, and the Drinking Nights still attract many halflings to the tavern to drink. Instead of adventuring out far and wide, the halflings are now content with sitting on their local benches smoking and drinking. Their docks, while still full of well-stocked shops, are rarely used, and visitors are much less common. After having been around for many years, the population of Brandybrook has grown large enough for the halflings to no longer desire adventure outside of the village. Those nasty, terrible things that make you late for supper are practically unheard of, and most halflings now wish to keep it that way.


Brandybrook is currently next to Aegrothond, and is the main halfling village on Arcas.


Brandybrook is led by Rollo and Harold Applefoot, the two leading as co-Thains of the village. Operating underneath them are the Sheriff Deek Driftwood and the Deputy Pelegren Applebrook. It is the sheriff's duty to keep order in Brandybrook while the Thains manage all other affairs.


To the south of Brandybrook is the sea, to its west lies the Dinkle River, and to its east lies Aegrothond. A quaint village of hills and dockyards, Brandybrook stands out from its surroundings due to its elevation and tall trees.