Cha Cha Slide Crusade

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Cha Cha Slide Crusade


TBA, 1712
Date: 1711-1712
Location: The Wildlands of Arcas
Result: Urguanite Victory, destruction of Mynebor
Under-Realm of Urguan agnarum.png
Commanders and leaders
Under-Realm of Urguan:
agnarum.png Fimlin Grandaxe
agnarum.png Zahrer Irongrinder
agnarum.png Atandt Irongrinder
agnarum.png Utak Ireheart
Balrog II Ironkiln

In 1711, the Rikkin Council of the Under-Realm of Urguan would assemble. After multiple antagonistic events happened from the wildlands and an attempt on the life of the Under-King, Fimlin Grandaxe, from an area known as Mynebor, the Under-Realm would seek compensation. An ultimatum known as, the Ultimatum to Mynebor Cultists, would be sent towards the dwarf who called himself the leader of the Mynebor lands, Balrog Ironkiln II. Urguan would receive a quick reply from Mynebor denying the terms of the ultimatum and so war would be declared. Fimlin Grandaxe ordered the war council commanders to assemble the army.

Battles and sieges

Grand Harvest 1712 - Siege of the Chandalier - Urguanite Victory