Cloud Temple of Atlas

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The Cloud Temple of Atlas is the current starting location for all new travelers of Atlas. The main road leading out of the Temple meanders down the templemount, passing by things such as the monk's farm that is for all to use, a portal to the Resource island, a tavern, some stalls, the local bank and an entrance to the mine. Down at the foot of the templemount also lies The Great Library which contains a large scalemodel map of Atlas. It should be noted that due to magic no evil deeds can be conducted within the Cloud Temple grounds, no matter the circumstance. The Templemount is surrounded by a river that connects to the Lochmoors and the Cloud Temple Golf. On the other side of the river lie the outskirts of the Cloud Temple territory, including a large festival area.


In the Cloud Temple of Atlas and on it's temple mount stand various memorials to great people who the monks of the temple feel should be remembered by all descendants.

Garden of the Fallen

Behind the temple building, at the side of the Gate of Life is a memorial called 'The Garden of The Fallen'. This for those important descendants lost in time long ago that shall be remembered through their memorials and furthermore in the memory of only few remaining others.

Garden of Heroes

On the other side, at the side of the Gate of Death lies a graveyard of unnamed graves called 'The Garden of Heroes'. Not much is known about who this graveyard is for, and who is buried there, but it is assumed that important figures who the monks failed to resurrect are buried there, a sacred site protected by the monks for them to find eternal rest.

Obelisk of the Explorers

Between the Garden of Heroes and the monks' farm, on top of a hill, sits a small market with next to it, an obelisk memorial called 'To the Explorers'. This is in memory of those who risked their lives back in Axios with great feats of exploration that made the descendants aware of impending danger, let them know of Atlas and enabled them to flee.


Around the Cloud Temple several markets can be found selling goods to the descendants of Atlas.

Cloud Temple Shoppe

Located close to the Temple itself and next to the bank and tavern sits the Cloud Temple Shoppe, owned by the monks, this shop sells various wares that are otherwise hard to obtain such as saddles.

Skygod Market

As previously mentioned, this market sits between the Garden of Heroes and the monks's farm, on top of a hill, next to the Obelisk of the Explorers. It's not always in use, but from time to time goods imported by the Skygods are being sold here to the descendants.

Festival Stalls

These shops are located on the festival terrain, on the edge of the Cloud Temple territory. They're normally empty, but during festivals such as Krugmas they sell goods themed to that festival.


As the Cloud Temple is the starting point for any new travellers in Atlas, it's the main hub for travelling and getting around. The Cloud Temple roads are the most important of all of Atlas and their branches lead off to all places of the realm. There's two roads starting from the Cloud Temple, starting off at the same point at the bottom of the Temple mount, next to The Great Library and mine entrance

Road of the Northern Lands

This is the lesser used one of the two roads, leading to the right at the bottom of the Temple mount, then running around it and across bridges, into the warm north of Atlas.

Places this road leads to include but aren't limited to:

  • Druidic Order
  • Warhawkes
  • Krugmar
  • Renatus

Road of the Southern Lands

This road is used much more than it's northern counterpart as it leads to many more places. It leads to the left at the bottom of the Temple mount, running along a bridge to cross the Cloud Temple river, then past the festival terrain, down into the colder south of Atlas.

Places this road leads to include but aren't limited to:

  • Dominion of Malin
  • Kaz'Ulrah
  • Haelun'or
  • Marna
  • Santegia-Haria
  • Norland
  • Haenseti-Ruska
  • Sutica
  • Fenn

The Great Library

This library is not to be confused with the Dragur Library, which in fact is larger and houses more books. The Great Library is the library found at the foot of the Cloud Temple. It´s lacking in content, but gradually being filled up by the monks.

Bookcases of the World of Atlas

Next to the entrance of the library, at both the left and the right side, sit bookcases dedicated to the World of Atlas. Each bookshelf is about a different region of Atlas and is meant to be filled up with tomes written by monks and descendants about said region. Some regions have already been written about and their books were brought in. Most regions however don't have tomes of information yet and if anyone wishes to write about them, the book or tome can be brought in for a reward at Elder Monk Velth.

Other Bookcases

Besides the Bookcases of the World of Atlas, the library of course also has other books. These are situated in the rest of the library, both on the right and the left side, under appropriate categories.

On the right side of the library, the categories are:

  • Legends & Myths
  • Fictional Writing
  • Elven History on Atlas

On the left side of the library there are some more categories already picked, these are:

  • World History
  • Racial History
  • Deity History
  • Orcish History on Atlas

Nobody knows where the categories of Human and Dwarven history on Atlas are. Perhaps they weren't important enough.

Great Map of Atlas

One of the first things the monks did upon arriving in Atlas was exploring the realm and mapping it out for the descendants. This map of theirs wasn't made on paper, but rather in a large scalemodel of Atlas, in the lower floor of The Great Library. Upon entering the library you simply head forward, down the stairs and you will be met with the viewing area of the map. The map depicts Atlas in quite some detail and has the nations of the realm marked in color with their names. Besides the nations of the realm it also shows wh