Commodus of Marna

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Commodus of Marna
Born: 12 Malin's Welcome 1642
Mardon,Holy Orenian Empire
Spouse: Yanalia Kavietsby
House: Marna
Father: Frederick Horen-Marna 'The Elder'
Mother: Aaliyah Yar

Commodus Frederick Marna, also known simply as Commodus (20 of Bitter Harvest 1642 – Present) was born the natural son of Frederick Horen-Marna and Aaliyah Yar, raised among his mother's family within the Aeldinic-region of Khalestine after his initial birth in Mardon. He was later legitimized, now being the father-in-law of Joseph I.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Annunziata of Marna, Empress Consort 1679 Alive Joseph I Firstborn daughter of Commodus and Yanalia.
Caius de Marna, Count of Aldenburg 1685 Alive Unwed Firstborn son of Commodus and Yanalia.
Demetrius de Marna 1687 1690 Unwed Secondborn son of Commodus and Yanalia. Died of a fever.
Richard de Marna 1695 Alive Mirray de Reden Thirdborn son of Commodus and Yanalia.
Charles Leopald de Marna 1695 Alive Unwed Fourthborn son of Commodus and Yanalia.