Conclave of Malin

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The Conclave of Malin was a nation that existed from late Anthos until the early days of The Fringe. It is notable for its take over of The Princedom of Malinor, in which no blood was shed as they entered the city of New Malinor. It later seceded to the nation of Haelun'or, causing its collapse.


In Anthos the Conclave of Malin occupied a city known as the Sanctuary. It was situated on Lake Lake located in a mountain range, which in turn was located nearby the remains of Malinor and the Cloud Temple of Anthos. At varying times, the towns of Lenniel and Darkhaven were under the control of the Conclave, though they constantly struggled for independence. Upon arrival in The Fringe, The Conclave occupied a settlement known as Zion. It was located nearby the Cloud Refuge of The Fringe. Zion remained the captial until the end of The Conclave.


The Conclave of Malin was ruled by a head of state known as the Justiciar of Malin. Though two government groups, the Tribunal of Malin and the Executive Council, performed different roles within the government.

The Tribunal of Malin consisted of the Adjudicators of the Mali and the Adjudicators General. The Tribunal of Malin was able to overturn the decisions of the Justiciar of Malin if required. On the other hand, the Executive Council consisted of the Commander of the Armies of Malin, the Steward of Malin and the Hand of the Justiciar of Malin. The Executive Council performed different roles based on their position.