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Reformed Cottonwoods

The Cottonwoods is a long tale of valor, honor and glory but as all stories start they start with humble beginnings. The founders of the clan was two brothers, Boldrumir and Cyler both forest dwarfs both with a sense of unification with their forest brothers and sisters with these thoughts the Cottonwood clan began as the clan who wished to bring the Forest Dwarfs together. As Boldrumirs and Cylers first steps into making their clan they had to deiced on who will lead, Cyler being the more militaristic dwarf he wished to rule with an iron fist or Boldrumir with his sharp thinking and gentle words, Boldrumir won the little debate and became the first chief of the Cottonwood clan, his first orders as chief was simple 'bring the forest dwarfs home' and with that the epic quest of Cotton started.


The Cottonwoods have ginger or brown hair, ranging at 4'0" - 5'0" ft in height with different shades of green eyes some can also have purple eyes in rare cases. Cottonwoods normally wear brown to green clothing to blend into their environment.

Newer Cottonwoods tend to have different shades of hair color from dark browns, light browns, blacks and of course the traditional ginger hair

Boldrumir Cottonwood


The Culture of the Cottonwoods are a trial clan where they follow only one ruler and follow the rulers words to the punch. There brutality and neutrality allowed them to remain around during Axios of the time of the dwarven civil war.

The newer Cottonwoods are more clam then there older kin, living there life following there clan chief Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood which he teaches Cottonwoods that life inst all serious, life is fun and games.

The Cottonwoods tend to create there weapons with sticks, leaves and steel combining them all to make powerful mixed material weapons, there armors are created with the same materials however it is very common for a Cottonwood to run into battle wearing very little for Anbella, the Hearth Mother is protecting them, or so they believe.

Cottonwoods believe in the life of luxury where as soon as a hard days work is completed they would settle around the campfire enjoying feasts and talking with one another, however the Cottonwoods of Old tend to fight in there free time as well as feast which the newer generation don't do anymore.

Someone would get accepted in the clan with open arms after the completion of his/her trails. The future Cottonwood would need to show his strength, courage and reliability by hunting down a beast, and ending its life in the name of the Hearth Mother to ask her for her guidance.


The older Cottonwoods traditions are very simple since they are a simple clan they hold very simply things close to them. A tradition which was wildly known to Cottonwoods was how they joined the clan having to partake in trails to allow them to earn the name of Cottonwood, the trails which they partake in are strange yet simple.

Any Forest Dwarf can become a Cottonwood and be taught there ways, in the old times of the founding Cottonwoods it would be very hard to be a Cottonwood without losing a couple of teeth.


The Laws of Cotton are broke up into four simple laws which all the clan members obey.

Follow your chief

Respect your clan

Never Kinslay

Stay loyal to Anbella

With these simple rules the Cottonwoods govern themselves for there tribal ways do not need long laws or laws about property they only need respect and loyalty



The Cottonwoods were formed under two Brothers a more head strong, gentle Cottonwood known as Boldrumir Cottonwood and his younger hot headed brother Cyler Cottonwood, both sons of the wildly known Ozneat Treebeard. The Cottonwoods were a two man clan working the fields of Jornheimwhere there goal was very simple back then, to find and reunite there Brothers and Sisters of the forest. During there time the Cottonwoods were much more peaceful speaking to both the Frostbeards and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan dwarves as there equals during the War of the Beards gaining the title of Common clan from both rivaling Kingdoms thanks to the leadership of Boldrumir Cottonwood. During Boldrumirs rule the Cottonwoods gained fame and began to grow until the end of the War of the Beards where they remained in there farm lands where they collected a decent amount of kin until the world ended and they fled on ships to the new lands.

Early Atlas

During Atlas Boldrumir Cottonwood remained the Chief of Cotton he moved the Cottonwoods from there allies within the newly formed Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah to the rivaling settlement known as the Confederation of Hammers where the Cottonwoods showed up with numbers offering to join the Confederation giving them addition manpower which can be used to defend there lands against the hostile Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah. During there time of construction of there new village Boldrumir appointed his brother Cyler Cottonwood to be the war chief, a newly formed title created for him to lead the military affairs of the Cottonwood clan from this simple decision the Cottonwoods became a militaristic then they once was they matched the current military power of the Confederation a mountain dwarf clan known as the Silverveins.

The Cottonwoods within the Confederation had a rivalry with the Silverveins due to there Clan Father Edel Silvervein who openly mocked the Cottonwoods in manpower and military power until the point where the Silverveins would decide to become a threat to the Cottonwoods. Since Boldrumir wanted a peaceful settlement which Cyler heavily disapproved of leading to Cyler launching counter attacks upon the clan, small physical and verbal conflicts would happen between the two clans but this conflict escalated quickly during a meeting of the Confederation where Edel Silvervein openly mocked the Chief of Cotton to the council, highly annoyed Cyler Cottonwood decided to throw an attack upon the Silvercity keep of the Silverveins. which lead to a poor display by the Silverveins where they hid within there keep unwanted to come face the horde. The Silverveins stayed in defeat as the Cottonwood forces left the city burning down there village to find a new location as they were kicked from the Confederation as Edel Silvervein called the attack an attack on all of the Confed.

The Cottonwoods created a new village where Boldrumir ruled once again until he took long walks slowly turning insane having the non diplomatic Cyler Cottonwood to run the village due to Boldrumir's madness and lack of leadership the Cottonwoods of Old faded away until Boldrumir found a forest dwarf by the name of Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood who took the title of Chief of Cotton and with that Boldrumir left for a long walk.

The leadership of Chief Bjor ‘Sugartits’ Cottonwood would be more easy going than the previous Chief. He wanted to focus on the community of his clan, with a familial bond between all members as a goal and on getting the best out of life.

Late Atlas

During late Atlas the Cottonwoods under new leadership reformed under Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood a completely new chapter for the Cottonwoods, for Bjor wasn't like the old Cottonwoods, he was kind, loving, friendly, respectful, ruled in peace. The earlier days of Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwoods leadership he struggled to find his kin like the old Cottonwoods there just wasn't any forest dwarves to be found all hiding, so for many years the title of Chief of Cotton was an empty title.

As Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood gives up hope on finding any other Forest Dwarves some members of the Cottonwoods of old would turn up within the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah. Excited Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood would quick introduce himself to these members, revealing that these dwarves was lead by Thelnir Cottonwood who was an old elder of the clan and wouldn't follow Bjor back to the founding lands of Cotton, for Bjor reformed the Cottonwood alliance with the Confederation of Hammers. Determined Thelnir stood his ground upon the matter setting up a small outpost within Garrond's Vale in the lands of Kaz'Ulrah where he and his followers stayed with him.

During this time there was talk of the legitimacy of Bjors claim to the Chief of Cotton with rumors of the Champion of Cotton crowned for his combat skills would challenge Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood for chieftain. As the old Cottonwoods disapproved of certain things of the newer Cottonwoods they didn't fully rejoin there brothers and sisters making it that Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood held the title but Thelnir would be a rebel force but this conflict was resolved diplomatically. During the return the old Cottonwoods took dislike to the Silverveins for there pass crimes, which was soon resolved when Bjor signed the silver-wood alliance a non-aggression pact between the two clans. As time passed the older Cottonwoods faded away with no solid leadership, they traveled away from other dwarves.

As the Old left Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood once again he remained alone for some time until he stumbled upon other Forest Dwarves which joined Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood in his village he made for his kin. As Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood village expanded from clanless and new clans emerged some remained lesser clans but the most noticeable clan the Treebeards

Notable Members

Ozneat Treebeard, Father of the First

Boldrumir Cottonwood, The Founder

Cyler Cottonwood, The Bear

Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood, The Reformer