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Cottonwoods of Old

The Cottonwoods is a long tale of valor, honor and glory but as all stories start they start with humble beginnings. The founders of the clan was two brothers, Boldrumir and Cyler both forest dwarfs both with a sense of unification with their forest brothers and sisters with these thoughts the Cottonwood clan began as the clan who wished to bring the Forest Dwarfs together. As Boldrumirs and Cylers first steps into making their clan they had to deiced on who will lead Cyler being the more militaristic dwarf he wished to rule with an iron fist, however Boldrumir with his sharp thinking and gentle words won the little debate and became the first chief of the Cottonwood clan, his first orders as chief was simple 'bring the forest dwarfs home' and with that the epic quest of Cotton started.


The Cottonwoods have ginger or brown hair, ranging at 4'0" - 5'0" ft in height with different shades of green eyes some can also have purple eyes in rare cases. Cottonwoods normally wear brown to green clothing to blend into their environment.

Boldrumir Cottonwood


The Culture of the Cottonwoods take up a more tribal feel since they are Forest dwarfs they are lead by a chief instead of a clan father or mother. As well as being lead by a chief they take up certain traits like animals acting wild with random outbursts leading to some fear what a Cottonwood would do if they are angered.

The newer Cottonwoods are more clam then there older kin, living there life following there clan chief Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood which he teaches Cottonwoods that life inst all serious, life is fun and games.

The Cottonwoods tend to create war weapons with sticks, leaves and steel combining them all to make powerful wooden weapons there armors are also created the same way they pray to the Hearth Mother to make there nature materials to be the finest and if she answers the weapons and armor are very sturdy.

After a long day of work and tasks, depending on the preference and personality of the dwarf, they would often come together around there big campfire telling about their day, stories and myths while enjoying a good meal with a bottle of honey beer.

Someone would get accepted in the clan with open arms after the completion of his/her trails. The future Cottonwood would need to show his strength, courage and reliability by hunting down a beast, and ending its life in the name of the Hearth Mother to ask her for her guidance.


The older Cottonwoods traditions are very simple since they are a simple clan they hold very simply things close to them. A tradition which was wildly known to Cottonwoods was how they joined the clan having to partake in trails to allow them to earn the name of Cottonwood, the trails which they partake in are strange yet simple.

The first trail is to prove that the potential Cottonwood can hold its own, the way they did this is by fighting another already joined member of the clan in a fist fight, win or lose they prove they can stand in a fight without fleeing.


The Laws of Cotton are broke up into four simple laws which all the clan members obey.

Follow your chief

Respect your clan

Never Kinslay

Stay loyal to Anbella

With these simple rules the Cottonwoods govern themselves for there tribal ways do not need long laws or laws about property they only need respect and loyalty



Two brothers formed the Cottonwoods during the war of the beards a civil war between Kaz'Ulrah and Urguan, they formed because they wished to bring the Forest dwarfs together in one clan and that clan being the Cottonwoods. The most successful Chief was the first Chief Boldrumir Cottonwood his goal was the lead the Cottonwood clan into a new age where all Forest dwarfs could come together as one, however this was during a time of kinslayers and hate for kin. The biggest goal during Axios that Boldrumir did was made the clan what it is, he set the stepping stones in place to grow he made both Kaz'Ulrah and Urguan friends of the Cottonwoods remaining neutral with both parties and remaining out of the conflict which befell his kin only protecting the Forest dwarfs who seek what he also wanted. During the end of Axios the Cottonwoods split up for a short while gaining access to the new found lands differently before arriving at the new lands waiting a couple of years before Boldrumir calls the clan together once again.


As the Cottonwoods reformed under Chief Boldrumir Cottonwood he decided to lead his clan to different heights finally picking a side so the Cottonwoods joined the Confederation of Hammers, with the Hammerforges, Silverveins and Cottonwoods making up the Confederation it seemed like even Kaz'Ulrah couldn't touch them until a certain time passed when the Cottonwoods became too big, too strong, too much the Silverveins under the leadership of the Clan Father Edel Silvervein annoyed the Cottonwoods not respecting them and calling them by false names before a council meeting was called and the two brothers Boldrumir and Cyler attended, through the whole meeting they watch Edel act like a King to what was suppose to be equality Cyler disliked this and he acted upon it for he was tired that his clan was being pushed around by silver men in there mountain keeps, Cyler disobeyed his clan father and called the Frostbeards and raided the Silvercity only to have Edel twist the story showing that his clan was weak, he had to use all of the Confederation forcing the Cottonwoods to leave. Shortly after the Cottonwoods left the Confederation they created a new village only for the residence to disappear for the chief started to go mad.

The leadership of Chief Bjor ‘Sugartits’ Cottonwood would be more easy going than the previous Chief. He wanted to focus on the community of his clan, with a familial bond between all members as a goal and on getting the best out of life.

Notable Members

Ozneat 'The Father' Treebeard, Father of the First

Boldrumir Cottonwood, The Founder

Cyler Cottonwood, The Bear

Bjor 'Sugar Tits' Cottonwood, The Reformer