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This article pertains to mechanics that are no longer implemented.

For an up to date list of mechanics, see this page.

Our Crafting plugin changes the way that crafting is done in Lord of the Craft. The main difference is that the crafting grid is replaced by a list of items that can be crafted, and there are several workstations where you can create different types of goods. The crafting system also connects with Professions, the things created being limited if you have different ranks in certain professions. An added time for creation of certain items is also added, which decreases as the needed profession is raised. Specialty items are also created depending on the profession one has.


There are a few settings you can chose to view the crafting recipes in the plugin. To access it, type /me then click the settings item, which is the redstone powder. After you click it, you have Four options. The crafting table is to toggle seeing all recipes, toggling it off means you can only see the recipes you can do with the items you have in your inventory. The iron axe is to toggle Craft Prompt, this is if you want to receive a "Are you sure" type of question. Having it toggled off, means that the item starts to be created as soon as you click it. The chest is to Organize Crafting With Folders. Having this on places the items into folders that you have to them open to view and craft. The Command Block is to remove or add the Nexus Menu shortcut from your hotbar.

Acessing the Settings after typing /me

All options of the Settings.

With Crafting Folders

Without Crafting Folders

Without Crafting folders and showing only items you can make.

Prompt Setup after click a furnace.

The Iron Axe is to not do the craft, The crafting table is to start the craft and the Furnace is what is being created.

Await GUI while a Furnace is made.

The Furnace is what is being created, the TNT is a cancel option, the crafting tables are to add more Furnaces to be made. TNT turns to a gold Ingot when the time ends.

Simply click the golden Nugget when the crafting time is done.

Crafting In The Inventory (2x2 Grid)

For the most simple of crafting, you still use the 2x2 grid of your inventory. For the creation of torches, WorkBench (crafting table), planks, sticks, coloring wool, coloring glass, coloring clay. flint and steel, books, book and quill, and many others. Things like lapis, emerald, iron, gold and diamond blocks can also be transformed back in this section.

But for more advanced crafting you will need to use the Workbench. Crafting in the workbench is a bit different to a Crafting Table and some recipes will require the use of different workstations.

Workbench (crafting table)

The Workbench is the essencial work station to create other work stations, tools and misc items. It is also the workstation to do all woodcutting skill items. To create an item simply open a folder (if folders are toggled on), then click the item you want to create, and then confirm (if Craft Prompt is toggled on).


4 Wood Planks

Made in 2x2 Grid Folders from left to right: Building, Staffs, Mechanisms, Parts, Tools, Fletching and Workstations.


Once you have a Workbench you will be able to create other Workstations to craft all kinds of things. Workstations are often dedicated to a specific Nexus Profession. This is the first crating station normally made or used.


A furnace is far too hot for cooking food, but for all your metallurgy needs it is the best place to start. Smelting ore, smooth stone, and glass are some of the chief uses.


8 Cobblestone

Made in Workbench


The Cauldron is the workstation designed for the creation of various foods. From soups to breads, to salted goods, even if that doesn't make much sense to create in a pot. All food, with exception of the cake, has expiration date. This means that after the expiration passes, the food becomes rotten and can not be eaten without the person getting sick, unless you're an orc, then you may eat everything, even what is rotten.


1 Cooking Pot (part)

4 Sticks

6 cobblestone

Made in Workbench

Must be filled with water and placed over a fire. The folder is for Salted food.

Masonry Block (Piston block pointing up)

The Masonry Block is the workbench for everything related to stone work. It also includes gemcutting which is something to use in the creation of better staffs. It is represented by a piston block facing up. To access it, simply right click the piston block, and the interface opens.


1 Chisel (part)

3 Planks

4 Smooth Stone

Made in Workbench The only folder is for Gemcutting.

Tanning Rack (Brown wool block)

The Tanning Rack is the best way for making leather. It must be built between two oak fences.


4 Stick

3 Rope (part)

Made in Workbench


An Anvil is the essential workstation for Blacksmiths and the creation of tools, weapons and armor from various metals.


3 Iron Ingot

3 Iron Block

1 Smithing Hammer (part)

Made in Workbench

Tinkers Post (Daylight Sensor)

A Tinkers Post is essential for all budding inventors. Stained glass can be crafted with one of these.


1 Glass

1 Crafting Table

2 Redstone Dust

Made in Workbench

Compost Bin

Used for the hasty decomposition of organic materials into plant food, the compost bin is the friend of any avid gardener or farmer.


8 Wood Planks

Made in Workbench


When wanting to color banners, or leather armor, you realize you can't in the GUI. To access the regular 4x4 crafting grid, you can hold either a banner, or leather armor in your hand, and right click the workbench or "Crafting Table". From there, you are free to apply colors to the items. The 4x4 grid will not work with crafting other items, only the coloring aspect of Minecraft.