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Cave Cow Also known are Mooshrooms, they resemble cows with mushrooms growing on their back.
Chicken A flightless bird, domesticated and used for gathering food, eggs, and feathers.
Cow A large domesticated animal which gives the owner beef and leather when killed.
Gy'waka Bird Giant birds that don't fly, domesticated by the Kharajyr.
Horse A domestic animal used mainly for transport over long distances.
Ker Wolf A large wolf domesticated by the Oussana and Darkspire clans.
Lur Wolf A large wolf breed domesticated by the Lur clan.
Ocelot A feline that lives in the jungles, it can be domesticated into normal cats.
Pig A domestic animal that can be cooked for pork chops, or clumsily ridden with a saddle.
Puxie A cute and fluffy dog, bred to be cute!
Renatian Mountain Hound A breed of dog domesticated by a small handful of human groups.
Sheep A fluffy domesticated and docile animal. Bred mostly for its wool and mutton.

Adrallan Crane A magnificently tall crane that lives in the forest of Adrallan.
Alabaster Seabird A large sea bird normally used to deliver letters.
Amber Wolf Wolves which glow an amber color in the night.
Aquatic Dragon A huge aquatic creature that has an appearance akin to that of a dragon.
Basilisks Large, intelligent creatures that resemble snakes.
Bat A small nocturnal beast that normally rests in dark caves during the day.
Birds These have feathers, lay eggs, and normally fly.
Blood Omen Legends say it is seen before major disasters.
Blob A docile... bloblike... creature.
Bokolo Large birds that were once domesticated, but now wander around Vailor and Axios. Some are still found with the Mali'ker.
Braduk Rhino Mounts and pets of the orcish Braduk clan.
Cave Leech Also known as Shark Bats, giant winged beasts that feed on rocks.
Caecus Salamander-like lizards that blend in with their surroundings.
Cockatrice A dangerous creature with the wings and body of a drake but the head and feet of a rooster.
Demigryph A hybrid with the head of a lion and wings of an eagle, able to be domesticated by those strong and brave enough to try.
Dragon Great predatory flying beasts that breath fire that may also be corrupted into Drakes.
Duhnah Skhelll A large creature, otherwise known as the Sand Tortoise.
Dry Octapuss An almost humanoid octopus creature that sucks the blood out of its prey.
Fish Aquatic beings that live in water and have gills and scales.
Flesh Worm Giant, flesh-eating worms.
Fleugal A large creature with rows of sharp teeth and a mass of tentacles.
Giant Crab A creaturewith giant pincers that lives near large water masses.
Gravis Large lizards that live around forests and plains, can sometimes be seen migrating around the continent.
Greymane Boar A species of boars that roams plains, forests, and sometimes caves.
Hair Leech Looks like hair, but bleeds when cut.
Ihnsil Taliame (Spear Vine) Venus fly-trap like creature.
Jabbernack Large bipedal lizards, largely used for transportation by Orcs.
Kanakawa Horse A heavy horse breed by the Ishikawa clan.
Karin Crystalline cats that feed on Atgaard.
Kestrels Small birds that feed on rodents.
Lubba - A large, serpent-like sea creature.
Nemorsa A large creature with crimson red eyes.
Mammoth A large fury quadrapedal creatures that is akin to an elephant.
Mimic A transforming creature also known as the Bane of Adventurers.
Nethermane A tiny creature with an appearance that makes them seem like it came from the Nether.
Ooze Large, carnivorous creatures that look like the Blob.
OwlBears The OwlBear is a mighty creature, the combination of Owl and Bear providing a terrifying and deadly foe.
Pegasus A large, winged horse. Often found in high mountain regions.
Pleskana A large, reptilian sea creature native to Anthos.
Phoenix A mythical creature that comes in four different varieties. Only 12 exist at any given time.
Prairie Dulk A large, territorial creature with an aggressive behavior.
Puvgump Fish A rather poisonous fish that resembles a pufferfish.
Pygmy Dragon A small draconic being that hunts in swarms.
Scaddernak Giant scorpion like creatures which inhabit the deserts.
Simorgh A large and rare aviary creature.
Skelt Large insect-like creatures that are able to compress themselves to fit tight spaces.
Skull Hermit Spider A type of spider which uses skulls as protection of their bodies.
Sky Whale Large whales that roam the skies and prey upon birds.
Slime A gelatinous, cool colored, multi sized, cuboid, monster that jumps up and down.
Spider Creatures with eight legs that are sometimes poisonous and create massive webs for trapping or containing.
Spined Feasel A cute type of weasel, great for having as a pet.
Straadoth A nocturnal beast of the desert, often hunted by orcs for its resistant hide.
Squid Squishy blobs with tentacles that can be found in almost every body of water.
Valahii'ame (Leaf Apes) Strange Wolf-like creatures that reside among Malinor’s various trees.
Venator Large raptor-like lizards that are bipedal, these creatures hunt in packs along plains, forests, and jungle areas.
Winged Screamer A massive raven that gives off a blood curling scream.
Vourukh Big birds that live in hot environments.
Wyrssa Crystalline deer.
Wyvern A common and well-known type of Wyrm.

Blaze A creature from the Nether, able to spit fire and hover.
Ghast A creature that seems almost as flying ghost, which spits dangerous explosives. Found in hellish areas.

Boggens Creatures that linger around battlefields and where a plethora of bodies are left decaying, they lure people into a fake fog they create.
Liches Skeletal mages raised by Necromancers that are dependent on their phylactery and the draining of life-force.
Darkstalkers Skeletal knights raised by Necromancers with re-enforced bones that are dependent on their phylactery and the draining of life-force.
Ghouls Zombie-like beings created by a Necromancer, which need life-force to survive.
Skeleton Fallen mortals revived by astrange means, with their flesh rotten off, they are only bone now.
Rotter Much like a zombie, these creatures come about after their body has been left out to decompose for too long.
Vodnik People revived after they have drowned, now creatures of the damned that go around drowning others.
Zombie Fallen mortals revived by astrange means, their rotten flesh still with them.
Zombie Pigman Corrupted beasts to become undead monsters.

Cervitaurs People with which have deer body instead of legs.
Creeper An ancient beast from the lands of Aegis, it was green in color.
Enderman Known as well as the Dark Ones, these being seem to teleport and seem afraid of water.
Ents Large tree like creatures that protect the forests.
Furef Small creatures that speak in an odd language and have an affinity for shiny objects.
Gremlin Small creatures that go around playing pranks on people, often deadly.
Harpy A creature resembling an ugly woman, with bird like wings and claws.
Homunculi Chaotic creations of alchemy.
Minotaur Large bull like creatures who kill for sport.
Mud Woman Figure of a woman made of mud.
Ratiki Large rat-like creatures that live in colonies and have a hive-mind mentality.
Siren Creatures with the upper body resembling a beautiful woman and the lower body of a bird, who often lure ships to their demise.
Sylvan A goat-like creature that carries around a sack of iron balls, often pestering farmers and eating their crops.
Trolls Huge and dumb creatures, even bigger than orcs.
Cyclops A one-eyed being found in dense forests, brutish and bestial in nature.
Axolotyn Aquatic-like creatures that have grown sentience.

Aengul An ancient race of holy beings who represent the light.
Daemon An ancient race of holy beings who represent fire.
Dragaar Ancient and gigantic beasts created from dragons, they are collectors and protectors of knowledge.
Drakaar Ancient and gigantic beasts created from dragons, commonly known as the "tainted" or "evil" versions of Dragaar.

Magically Imbued
Archons These Transcendents are the occurrence of something unnatural. The soul of a descendant is scarred by the void and veil-- fragments latching onto the soul, providing them with boons only granted by the void.
Ascended People descended from Aenguls, who are then blessed by the Aengul Aeriel.
Bryophites People who have their bodies turned entirely into a plant.
Dryads Wood elves with a magical connection to a tree.
Fjarriauga (Frost Witches) Cursed women of frost, able to change their image and have a great hate of men.
Itharel A person changed into a holy entity, made to serve Tahariae or Xan.
Izkuthii Izkuthii are creatures that are able to extract emotions from the soul to keep themselves alive. They are masters of illusion and are usually found in their disguised and hidden forms.
Shades People corrupted with a shade, a type of parasite that lives in the soul.
Spriggan Druidic familiars born from trees blessed by the Aspects.
Undead Those that follow the Daemon Iblees and receive power from him by having their bodies destroyed and their souls ripped from it.
Voidal Horror Mysterious and powerful creatures that originate from the Void and either manifest upon the physical plane or in mages.
Nephilim A race of dragons produced through a ritual that harnesses the innate changing power of dragon ichor.
Soul Tree A powerful Druidic creature born of natural magics, by which a powerful Druid binds their soul to a tree.
Sorvians Sorvians are mortal beings which, by the power of a ritual designed by the Spirit of Order, are driven to “subsist” on the servitude of ideologies.

Arcane Familiars Golem-like creatures composed of evoked elements.
Arcane Puppets Magical constructs where a mage can temporarily control from afar.
Dread Knights Giant and powerful suits of armor without a mortal body.
Golems Huge stone constructs which follow the word of their Impera.
Muyakelgs Constructs made from bone and sinew, and inhabited by the Spirits of the long dead.

Apparitions Haunting presence from a large group of souls that died in one place.
Harbingers Former mortals corrupted by Setherien, capable of wielding his Boon.
Genie Extremely powerful and incredibly rare spirits.
Ghost Mirror images of souls that were formed after death.
Graven People who died with an unfinished task, which now binds them.
Kelpie A legendary water spirit that takes on the form of a horse and attempts to drown victims who mount it.
Mania A ghostly apparition that can control the weak minded.
Necrotic Wraiths Necromancers which destroy their own body to achieve greater powers.


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