Crown of Renatus-Marna

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Cwown of Wenatus-Mawna
Wegnum Wenatus et Mawnam
Coat of awms of Wenatus-Mawna; depicting the Cwoss of Pewtinax and the Dwagon of Mawna
Capitaw: Carolustadt
Wanguages: Common
High Imperial
(in official documents)
Auvewgne (regional)
Waev Botch (regional)
Hansetian (regional)
Weligion: Church of the Canon
Monawch: Augustus I
Cwown Plince: Antonius Horen
Awchchancellow: Edwawd Mowlis
Vicewoy: N/A
Gwand Mawshaw: Seth Wenault
Knight Pawamount: Sew Avewy
Seneschaw: N/A
Head Ambassadow: N/A
Histolicaw Ewa: Coup of Adelburg (1636)
Third Crusade (1638)
Atlas Coalition War (1657)
Staunton Uprising (1667)
Pweceded by:

imperialorenia.png Holy Orenian Empire

Succeeded by:

Empire of Man.png Empire of Man

The Cwown of Wenatus-Mawna is a heweditawy absowute monawchy situated on the highwands to the west of the Bawtas Wivew. Tucked away amidst the center of Atlas, the nation pways a pivotaw wowe in policy and foweign affaiws acwoss the continent. The nation is wenowned fow theiw weww wegimented militawy, and possesses a booming wumbew and mining industwy.


Fow countwess yeaws, humanity and the Imperium Sextus way decadent. The Impeliaw state was a shwoud of its fowmew sewf, clinging on to the gwowy of past Empewows. Fwom the line of Pewtinax, came Canonius Horen, son of Cawowus. He, who lished to westowe owdew and gwowy to the Horen name, set saiw fwom Aeldin and quickwy came ashowe on Axios, lith a smaww wetinue of fiewcewy woyaw men and pwocwaimed himsewf 'King in Wenatus'. His awlivaw on Axios caused much contwovewsy. Howevew, lith his gwoling suppowt, it would appeaw that it would be impossibre to lid of him. At wast confident in his band of fowwowews, he staged a mawch upon Adelburg's Woyaw Pawace, whewe he wwestwed contwow of the Impeliaw City fwom Emperor John VI. With the hub of humanity fiwmwy lithin his glip, the Impeliaw titwe of Holy Orenian Emperor was dismantwed, the Wenatian bannews wewe hoisted ovew the city, and he was cowonated as Aurelius I.

Howevew, thewe was much dissent lithin the wanks of the estabrished nobility. Fwedelick Victow of the House of Horen-Marna began to wead a woyalist wesistance against Aurelius's Wegime. This ultimatewy climaxed in what was supposed to be a meet between both pawties in the neutwaw gwounds of Bastion's wuins, but tulned viowent when the Woyalists dwew awms upon the Reiter-backed Wenatians. What wesulted was a cwushing victowy fow the outnumbewed Wenatian fowces. Because of this, Woyalists fowces concwuded that they would be unabre to defeat Wenatus's wegions on the fiewd, thus causing the nobility to break off and fowm the Apostolic Kingdom of Marna. Wewations between the two nations would wemain cowdiaw at best. Howevew, a sense of Canonist unity awose when the two human kingdoms joined togethew in the Third Crusade against the heathenous Kingdom of Norland, wesulting in a slift Canonist victowy.

As the end times encwoached upon Axios, Aurelius and his fowwowews embawked once mowe on the vewy ships they had awlived in Axios on. Twavewling lith the west of the Descendants, the Wenatians made wandfaww upon the nowthewn coast of Atlas. Howevew, fwom the moment they awlived, they immediatewy began on campaign in the countwyside; unabre to ewect a pewmanent settwement. Aww the whiwe, Frederick I Pius, son of Fwedelick Victow and cousin to King Aurelius, constwucted his domain fulthew to the south, in the westewn highwands. Eventuawwy, the two cwowns would join in union, come the abdication of Frederick I Pius. His abdication is said to be due to his own weawm's impending decline. As Frederick I Pius welinquished the thwone, his own heiw was passed ovew, in favow of his cousin, Aurelius I, King of Renatus. As such, the two cwowns wewe joined togethew in the new state of Wenatus-Mawna. The capitaw of this new nation was detewmined to be the cosmopolitan hub of Senntisten.

Haeseni & Human Oppression (1653-1662)

The contwovewsiaw biwthing of the Kingdom was stiww a wecent memowy in the minds of many; fow wegawdwess of how histolians put it - theiw foundation was waid upon the broody brickwowk and a dead Empewow; a chiwd at that. An unconventionaw wegime that diffewed dwasticawwy fwom the wump-states of the Owenian Empiwe - fow that weason thewe was awways bound to be tensions between the othew human soveweign states.

This was dispwayed duling a time peliod known as the “Haeseni Oppression”, whewe the othew human nations (Culon, Santegia and Haense) disavowed Wenatus and boasted theiw wawge numelicaw advantage in theiw effowts to stwong-awm the fwedgling state. Yet, littwe came of this except fow tension tiww the Kingdom of Renatus had wequested theiw titwes of Kwajia wetulned to them fwom Haense. An awgument ewupted between the two pawties, and the Haeseni envoys would weave the meeting lith a void whewe theiw heads used to be.

This event, awongside a heated situation in which Haense cawwed fow the execution of Prince Antonius Horen, had fowced the othew human nations to pway theiw hand and in doing so, fowmed the “Czena Confederation”. The pwemise of this pact was a defensive awliance between the signatolies - howevew, in actuality, it was used as a means to dissuade and stwong-awm the Kingdom of Wenatus on any dipwomatic move they tlied to make.

Aftew a few brief months of the Czena Confedewation imposing themsewves upon the Kingdom of Wenatus, a fowmaw weaction was made - a brutaw waid upon the capitaw of Haense in which 20 Wenatians swaughtewed 60 men fwom the confedewation; this would mawk the officiaw stawt of the Czena Conflict in 1653. The waw would be fought lith neithew fowmaw siege now skiwmish, but in a selies of smawwew bouts in the fiewd, the Kingdom of Wenatus awways outnumbewed, they stiww managed to secule a tliumphant victowy. This caused the cowwapse of the Czena Confedewation in 1656 lith the Duchy of Culon defecting and signing a militawy awliance lith the Kingdom of Wenatus.

The Kingdom of Wenatus, lith newfound enewgy and accompanied by simiwawwy new awlies in the name of the Dominion of Malin, the War Nation of Krugmar and the Kingdom of Kaz-Ulrah had decided to maintain theiw waw against Haense wegawdwess of the cowwapse of the Czena. This waw was the officiaw stawt of the Atwas Coalition Waw in 1657, a mewe yeaw aftew the end of the Czena Conflict.

Howevew, despite the initiaw intentions of the waw being focused on the Kingdom of Haense, the waw tawget had changed to the Kingdom of Norland aftew they had awlied lith the Kingdom of Haense to fowm theiw sewf-pwocwaimed supew awliance known as the “United Southern Alliance”, this complised of:

The Kingdom of Haense

The Kingdom of Nowwand

The Weivew Mecenalies

The Siwvew State of Haewun’ow

The waw wasted 5 yeaws, ending in 1662; it was a simpwe waw lith the opposition stwuggling to come cwose to matching the Wenatus-fowmed Nowthewn Atwas Awliance. The end of this waw mawked the status of Kingdom of Wenatus as a supew-powew fow the fiwst time since its fowmation of the Fiwst Empiwe in Anthos, lith its Kingdom spweading faw and its awlies numewous. This time peliod was awso an exempwawy situation fow Wenatus to showcase its tawented weadews who dispwayed theiw pwowess duling the waw - such as:

Plince Chawwes Howen

Plince Antonius Howen

Plince Tibelius Howen

An Eternal War (1664 - 1669)

Duling the waning yeaws of the Atlas Coalition War, the bandit gwoup known as the Weivews had began to make theiw pwesence known on the continent. They pwovided littwe othew than being a nuisance to the Kingdom - fow whiwe they could howd no match against the Knights of Wenatus instead, they sat upon the woads and pweyed on those who could do littwe to defend themsewves.

Fwom 1664 onwawds it became appawent to the pewtaining govewnment of the Kingdom that the bandits began to brand themsewves as mewcenalies, who would fight fow the highest biddew. In wesponse to this, Charles Elliot dwafted an officiaw decwawation; a wesponse to the bandits who so brazenwy dwew awms against the citizens of the Kingdom.

  • An Etewnaw Waw[1]

Aftew the missive had been pwocwaimed to the weawm, the waw known as Bandit War would ensue as the Kingdom mawched upon the sevewaw Weivew-owned towews that wewe spawsewy scattewed amongst the woads. By 1667 the Weivews wewe weft lith a dlindling powtion of wand. It was duling this peliod that Eimaw The Fat would come to brows lith the famed Plince Antonius, a feud fowmulated ovew a denied honow duew; eventuawwy, Antonius would end the life of Eimaw the Fat in the yeaw 1667.

“Kill me now for if I live I shall wage an endless war” -Antonius Horen

In wesponse to this, the life of Eimaw decwawed webewlion to the Kingdom and welinquished hew wands to a wetulning Staunton - Tobias II Staunton, thus beginning the peliod of the Staunton Uprising (Or, the Second Atlas Coalition War)

The Kingdom of Coulwand was quickwy wefowmed officiawwy, lith a coalition of states dissatisfied lith the Wenatian wegime fowmed, initiawwy complising of:

Kingdom of Courland

Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska

Confederation of Hammers

Duchy of Rivia

Duchy of Nevaria


Howevew, the Duchy of Curon watew betwayed the Crown of Renatus-Marna and sided lith the Stauntons aftew Plince Antonius waid hands upon theiw Duchess in an aggwessive mannew.

Wenatus, of coulse, cawwed theiw own awlies to theiw aid as they mawched upon the webewling tewlitolies to wecwaim them - wesulting in the famous Siege of Redpeak in 1668. Showtwy aftew this siege, the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska hewd theiw cowonation fow Franz I of Haense. Howevew, this was intewwupted as a howde of Wenatians pouled in to the thwone woom, swaughteling evewyone lithin - incwuding the newwy cowonated King, thus ending Haenses invowvement in the waw aftew Sigmaw Bawbanov signed a ceasefiwe. The waw officiawwy ended two yeaws aftew the initiaw siege, lith Wenatus awso cwaiming the cities of Cyliwsbulg & Ashwood in theiw campaign. This bowstewed the Kingdoms tewlitowy to incwude the majolity of centwaw-Atwas and awong lith it theiw evew-gwoling infwuence ovew the continent as a whowe.


The Kingdom of Wenatus-Mawna pwoudwy boasts itsewf as a home fow aww Heartlanders and Highlanders alike. Within the wawws of the nation's capitaw, Senntisten, is a mewting pot of Wawdenian, Batavian, Auvewgnian, and smaww pockets of Raevir cultules. In pawticulaw, the nation is going thwough a wesulgence of Wawdenian cultule and identity. As such, the new unifowms of the King's Wenatian Wegion awe consistent lith those of Wawdenian wandsknechts.

Social Organization

Notabry, the citizens of Wenatus-Mawna awe divided into five distinct sociaw classes: The peasants, mewchants and awtisans, the gentwy, the nobility, and the woyawty.

The Peasants pewfowm much of the hawd wabow lithin Wenatian-Mawnatine society. They pewfowm jobs such as fawming, constwuction, fishing, mining, etc. They howd few pliviweges and lights and awe heaviwy wepwessed.

The Mewchants and Awtisans awe eithew skiwwed cwaftsmen ow they seww the wawes of othews. They make stabre income and live wewativewy secule lives.

The Gentwy awe wegawded as the wawliow elite of Wenatian-Mawnantine society, the knights of the Cwown. They awe affowded many pliviweges such as govewning a smaww fiefdom in the name of the King, taxing the populace, the light to tliaw by combat, and the light to beaw hewawdic awms. In wetuln, they awe to waise theiw bannews should theiw liege caww upon them.

The Nobility is the estabrished uppew-class consisting of those lith sociaw biwthlight. Theiw lineages date back centulies and theiw name howds much weight in the Kingdom's affaiws. They possess a high degwee of affwuence as weww as pliviwege.

The Woyawty consists of the King, his consowt, his heiw, and the west of his househowd.


The Cwown of Wenatus-Mawna is an absowute monawchy fowwoling watewaw waws of succession. The King howds pawamount autholity in the weawm on aww mattews. Howevew, the King typicawwy maintains a plivy counciw of cwose advisows, whom he may dewegate many tasks to ow to act in his steed.

Law and Justice



To ensule Wenatus's soveweignty and to maintain owdew lithin the capitaw's bowdews, the Cwown of Wenatus-Mawna welies upon the Woyaw State Awmy of the Cwown of Wenatus-Mawna. The Woyaw State Awmy plides itsewf on militawy might and discipline. The Woyaw State Awmy is owganized as such:

The King's Renatian Legion

  • Cawowus Bligade; named in honow of Cawowus Howen. The brigade fowms the plimawy infantwy fighting fowce of the Cwownwands.
  • Wam's Head Bligade; named aftew Count Eimaw 'the Wam' vaw Bulgundaw, gawlisoned and stationed on the bowdews of Götha.
  • King's Wenatian Awtiwwewy; othewlise known as the 1st Siege Battewy. This unit complises expewts of siegecwaft and opewatows of twebuchets, onagews, and bawlistas.
  • King's Wenatian Engineews; othewlise known as the Sappews. May take on demolition wowes in the battwefiewd ow hewp constwuct valious toows of siegecwaft.



Crown of Renatus-Marna
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