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LoreS1.png Forgotten in time: The contents of the page have not been updated, and may be extremely unreliable.

The custom tree plugin is a pretty simple one to explain. It is a combination of new leaf drops with special saplings.

Plugin removed.

The saplings: To gather the saplings you must destroy leaves. Only the default saplings will fall if you let the leaves decay naturally. There are many types of new saplings, all creating different types of trees. These are normal looking saplings but with a different name. The special saplings can then be placed down, and the tree that will appear will be a new tree, different from the normal default MC trees. On them bonemeal also works. Trees like pines, Willows, and Fir trees are examples of those new types that can be found.

The drops: The new drops of the trees appear when you break the leaves, and even the logs. The drops are different if the tree is a default tree, or if it is a custom tree. Is is for you to find out what they drop, but be careful of Pomegranates. A few of the things they drop are apples, sticks and the occasional new sapling. The drops will be changing as the plugin is improved, so the list might change many times.

The trees: New trees of every kind exist now, you have to find out what they look like and see which ones you like better. Some trees even have roots, which means they even go below ground, making them a lot harder to remove. From these trees many new drops exist, it is up to the player to find out which ones. The trees can also be made as small ones, normally still bigger than default trees, and huge ones, by combining 4 saplings of the same type in a 2x2 arrangement. Be careful that these trees are extremely big, and if you don't like them, you will have to spend a lot of time removing them.

Things you shouldn't do: With this new plugin, comes the things you shouldn't do. You shouldn't be placing down the special trees just to see what they look like and then not removing them, it looks ugly. Some trees in some biomes look a lot better and make more sense than in others. Example is a palm tree in an ice biome looks completely out of place, but in an Oasis, or island it will look amazing. Mixing many types of trees also looks quite bad, and should be very avoidable, if you wish to create a new forest with these new types of saplings, perhaps you should ask a GM to assist you, as the saplings are hard to get, and leaving a forest unfinished can be quite ugly. The leaves of the custom trees do not decay, as such you need to remove every single one, if you want to destroy the tree. Leaving floating trees is against the rules of course.