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High Preceptor:  
High Preceptor:  
[[Baldin Frostbeard]]
[[Fili Grandaxe]]

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Da Kirkja Dverga (Dwarven for The Holy Order), leaders of the Dwarven faith. Upholders of the laws of the Brathmordakin; gods of the Dwedmar. The guardians of the faith of the Dwarven race.

Clergy Positions

High Preceptor

The leader of the Clergy, in charge of overseeing its functions and head of all subordinate ranks.


Senior members of the Clergy who are knowledgeable in the Clergy’s teachings and are familiar with all of the gods. They are the most experienced teachers and preachers of the clergy and hold domain over Priests and Initiates. They typically dedicate themselves chiefly to a single god so that they can focus their efforts in one area of theological thought.


Priests of the Brathmordakin are experienced in their ways and are familiar with many or all aspects of the gods and the teachings of the Clergy. They are responsible for being mentors to Initiates and to the Dwarven race as a whole. Priests have shown that they are willing to dedicate their lives to the Brathmordakin and work towards mastery and the rank of Prelate.


Initiates are followers of the Brathmordakin who have shown interest in serving the gods and the Dwarven race though involvement in the clergy. While they are initiates, it is their job to work closely with the other members of the Clergy so that they may learn the teachings of the Brathmordakin and the Clergy fluently and eventually teach others the same.


High Preceptor:

Fili Grandaxe

Current Preceptors:

Bolgnir Irongut, Prelate of Ogradhad

Dutesli Treebeard, Prelate of Anbella

Dwarger Silvervein, Prelate of Dungrimm

Current Priests:

Borin Grandaxe, Priest of Dungrimm

Urist Silvervein, Priest of Dungrimm

Kazrin Starbreaker, Priest of Ogradhad

Current Initiates:

Thrumril Metalfist