Daniel of Al'khazar

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Saint Daniel of Al'khazar
Born: 13th century
Died: 14th century
Venerated in: Church of the Canon
Canonized by: Everard I
Feast day: 1st of the Grand Harvest
Patron of: Peace, cities, pilgrims and travel

Saint Daniel of Al'khazar, (died mid-14th century) born as Daniel Horen, is venerated as a saint by the Church of the Canon. In life he was a King of Oren of the House of Horen, however after losing his throne he began a life as a travelling mendicant.


The legendary Saint Daniel is celebrated throughout the Canonist community as a model monarch and pilgrim. Born as the third among brothers, St. Daniel was not expected to inherit, and thus his father had introduced him to the world of theology in hopes of finding a vocation for the pretender. Yet in a stroke of misfortune, the princeling's elder brothers fell ill to a sweeping plague, and Daniel took upon his father's mantle as King of Oren. He never forgot his theological training, however, and found himself engrossed in matters of faith.

Daniel Horen's first act as King was shifting his capital away from the traditional Horen seat of Jrent to a small fishing village northwest, in hopes of being closer to the holy sites of Aegis and finding the lost city of Paradisus. This village, under his competent administration, became the bustling metropolis of Al'Khazar, the jewel of Aegis and city of world's desire as a center of commerce, culture, and prestige. Yet he never forgot his faith in his fortunes; he financed and led the construction the grand King's Road, a highway from the Cloud Temple to Al'Khazar in hopes in popularizing the tradition of pilgrimage and travel. But despite his success as a monarch, Daniel loathed to sit in his palace, an ardent admirer of the world around him, often slipping the guise of a beggar at dusk and blending in with his subjects.

After twenty years of peaceful reign, the burdens of statecraft began to take a toll upon Daniel's ability to spread the word of God, and he promptly abdicated. Lacking sons at the time, Daniel yielded his throne to his seneschal, and the Sheffield regime henceforth commenced as Daniel retired to his estate in Alstion. Though never officially ordained in the Temple of the Faith, many contemporaries dubbed 'Good King Dan" as a missionary due to his nature of converting countless peoples in his voyages. A popular cult revolved around the former king as he traversed the land spreading the faith to the remote corners of the world, one famous pupil of the cult being St. Everard. After years of wandering, preaching, and delivering the faith, St. Daniel passed away in his sleep. Four hours after his death, he was canonized, with throngs of faithful rushing to Horen's Cathedral in Al'Khazar claiming miracles on behalf of St. Daniel.