Daniel of Bourdon

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Daniel de Alence
Reign: 1737 - Present
Predecessor: Title Created
Born: 8th of The Grand Harvest, 1713, Bourdon, Aeldin
House: de Alence
Father: Robert de Alence
Mother: Mariana de Alence
"The humblest peasant is as free in the sight of God as the proudest monarch that ever swayed a sceptre. Liberty is a spirit sent from God and like its great Author is no respecter of persons."


—Daniel de Alence

Daniel de Alence (8th of the Grand Harvest, 1713 - Present), was born into a poor and religious family on the continent of Aeldin in a small town called Bourdon. He spent time growing up with his sister Marina de Alence. As he reached his teen years, Daniel worked where he could, tending the fields of local nobles and other small jobs. By the time he was nearing 17, he had raised enough money to travel to Arcas, which he did with the mission to spread the word of God.


Early Life