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Deity-based Magics borrow the power of higher beings to perform a set list of spells, as defined within each deity subtype. The amount of people who can learn it is more restricted than other forms of magic because the deities will only acknowledge an individual’s desire for magic under certain circumstances. Deities can be very sensitive about whom they bestow powers onto, and this can limit the other types of magic that one may pursue in tandem. Individual spells must also be taught, either by the deity directly or through a more experienced Follower.

Only some types actually use mana, like Arcane Magic, but all are bound by the same restriction of only having a limited ability to call upon that specific deity before becoming too exhausted to continue.

Deity Magic Sub-Types


Typically an Orc Magic:

Deities: Spirits of the Spirit Realm

Witchdoctor Using the powers of the immortal and the elemental spirits, a Witchdoctor performs curses and hexes upon people and the potions they create.

Farseeing Work with the Immortal Spirits, can travel to the spiritual plane and converse with spirits on a neutral field. Allows blessings of the spirits to be placed upon others.

Elementalism Work with the elemental spirits, masters of changing and shaping the physical world.

Lutaumancy Avatars of the ancestors. Converse with the spirits of people themselves and invoke their power and blessing.


Deities: The Aspects

Nature's Healing All spells that involve druidic healing methods.

Control of Nature All spells that have to do with the growing/manipulation of plants/nature.

Blight Healer Blighted land, burned land, destroyed plant life, these are tended by a Blight Healer. Druids are called upon to heal scarred land that has been ravaged by battle, swept upon by wildfire, or salted by angry warlords.

Nature's Communion The Druid has spent their career focusing on their connection to Nature and the Aspects above all. Druids are able to speak with the trees, sing with the animals, and share their knowledge with the forest.

Shapeshifting The Druid has been blessed with the ability to shapeshift into a single animal that the druid has made a connection with.


Deity: Tahariae

Priest Healing All spells that involve clerical healing. Healing of great or minor wounds.

War Clericalism Spells that involve the Orbs of light to aid you in battle. Clerics can also daze and have a myriad of different protective spells.

Divine Wardenism


Given a set of goals and magical powers by Aeriel, the Ascended strive to thwart all that is unholy and corrupts life itself.

Deity: [Arch-Aengul Aerial

Blue Sect: The Sect of War, rallying the Descendants against mortal threats.

Red Sect: The Caretakers Sect, dedicated to the creation of relics and other objects.

Gold Sect: The Sect of Theology, dedicated to the religious and healing aspects of the Ascended.

Silver Sect: The Sect of Knowledge, seeking out the collection of relics as well as teaching and understanding the finer facets of magic.

Cloud Temple Monk Magic

Please refer to Wilven Sanctuary Monks

Arcane Magic Alteration Transfiguration · Telekinesis · Void Translocation · Void Shifting
Evocation Elemental Evocation · Arcanism · Conjuration
Illusion Sensory Illusion · Cognitism · Mental Magic
Other Runesmithing · Voidal Feeling · Arcane Displacement · Soul Puppetry
Deity Magic Shamanism · Druidic · Clerical · Muun'Trivazja · Ascended Magic · Monk Magic
Dark Magic Blood Magic · Dark Shamanism · Draakar's Boon · Fi'hiiran'tanya · Fjarriauga · Necromancy · Shade · Mysticism
Artificery Arcane Familiars · Golemancy