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Delaselva Vientos Detiempo, Master Sage of the Ascended

Delaselva Vientos Detiempo is a prominent Elven holy mage, having served as Master Sage of the Ascended and the Lord High Intendant of the Second Holy League in Axios. Aegisian by birth, his life has been framed by the doom of continents, strife and redemption in equal measure- and his famous altered form as Heial the Enderpearl is the stuff of legend. During his tenure as Master Sage, the Ascended underwent immense and unprecedented changes, flourishing for the first time in centuries.


Birth and Childhood

Born to peasant farmers near the ancient Aegisian city of Laurelin, the young Delaselva enjoyed an idyllic existence in the verdant Elven countryside- living and playing among the tall trees of Malin's kingdom with a multitude of others. This peaceful life proved fragile, however, and with the rise of the Undead was shattered forever by a rain of fire and death. His family, like so many others of the time, were forced to weather the manifold evils of the Iblaeic worshipers- and it would not take long for tragedy to taint the young elf's life forever. During a raid which immolated the small village in which he lived, Delaselva lost his father and infant brother, Iralago, to the Undead hordes. The future Sage survived only due to his mother's timely flight to the capital, which had become a gathering place for refugees.

Teenage Years

Despite the great sadness surrounding his arrival in Laurelin, Delaselva flourished in the great city of Elves, developing a great mental aptitude with regards to many arts of the mathematical persuasion- particularly book-keeping. For several years, the young elf studied at the Library of Malin, becoming learned indeed in business stratagems. Striking out on his own, he employed this accrued knowledge to secure a seat upon the council of Kramoroe, which was a desert trade city- a progenitor to the famous state of Alras. However, when the Undead Prophet Cassandra laid waste to the city, Delaselva took flight once again, travelling the world of Aegis with the other former councilors as the Nawari Gypsies.

Middle Age and Transformation

Travelling with the gypsies as they continued the mercantile tradition of their fallen city, Delaselva's inquisitive mind became drawn to the mysterious nature of Endermen and the trinkets they sometimes left behind; the Ender Pearls. Late one night while gazing into a particularly large specimen thereof, he found himself able to discern glimpses of the future- glimpses that, from time to time, proved true. This peculiar skill bestowed upon him the name Delaselva The Seer, and he became the official fortune-teller of the gypsy camp.

After a period of relative peace, a new conflict arose when the gypsies learned of a betrayal in their ranks; a man named Salamandra had murdered a fellow gypsy and raised him as an undead with foulest necromancy. While at a masquerade party, Delaselva and two other gypsies laid a trap for the villain, but were ambushed themselves. In the desperate combat that followed, the future Sage received a mortal wound from an axe. What happened next is shrouded in mystery- for Delaselva did not die upon that day; instead, the elf's soul found itself trapped within his largest and most treasured Ender Pearl. It would not be long after this that the lands of Aegis succumbed to the Undead, and the Descendants fled to Asulon. Now estranged from the gypsies due to his transformation, Delaselva the Pearl found himself carried and dropped by many individuals, lying dormant and forgotten until he arose, like many magical curiosities, in the possession of the Arcane Delvers. Their leader, Nienna Calm, instructed him in the ways of Telekinesis and thereby allowed him to control his movements; leading to much rejoicing by the pearl.

Life as a Pearl

Around this time the Drakaar Setherien awoke from his slumber and erected a massive, impenetrable fortress of ice in the northern wastes of Anthos. Understanding it to be his duty to learn what was within (as no living soul could survive in those wastes,) Delaselva set off and managed to find a lapse in the defenses by travelling beneath the arctic seas. He spent many weeks there, scribing what he saw: the massive flying towers, corrupted drakes that flew along the skies, and of course the great evil which was biding its time. This information was delivered to Artimec Camoryn of the Arcane Delvers, before the Pearl embarked on a more dangerous mission still.

Approaching the cult of Setherien directly as a potential recruit, Delaselva was welcomed with open arms. He floated alongside the cultists as they raided the countryside and the human cities, learning the real names of each member as they slipped up in their guises. Finally, after much time, he presented the names to the Delvers once more, putting a dent in the cultists forces as they now became ostracized from society. This betrayal did not go un-noticed, however, and the spherical double-agent was soon captured and brought before one of the Harbingers, Shae’tan. Corrupted and subjugated to the will of Setherien, the Pearl dubbed himself anew as Mimir and became a recruiter for Setherien’s cult. It should be noted that this was not his forte, as he never recruited a single man. However, within the secret underground fortress of the Frozen Scourge, he famously constructed a kitchen.

During an ill-fated attempt to recruit new soldiers for the Harbingers, Mimir was incapacitated by Hansetians and buried by Orcish shamans. Through a peculiar twist of fate, however, an elderly wizard happened to be wandering along the road. The Ascended Blundermore rescued the Pearl from his captors and cleansed the corruption that had plagued his mind, rendering him free once more. Working now with Blundermore to help the resistance to Setherien, the Pearl moved into the manor of Selina Demones, another famous Ascended. Eventually, Delaselva was approached by the Ascended Order itself, their powers finally returned after many centuries. The holy Order offered to make him one of their own, the first Ascended to be awoken since the days of Aegis.

Later Life

Many years after his initial connection, Heial returned from overseas to find the Ascended on the verge of extinction, being one of three surviving members. Late one night the Archaengul Aeriel came to him, bestowing upon him the title of Master Sage and gifting unto him the ancient knowledge of the Order. He promised the Archaengul that the Ascended would rise again, and he did everything possible to make good his word. Under his leadership the Order swift became a force to be reckoned with, and the Sage abolished many of the ancient systems and practices which stemmed recruitment, opening the door to all. The Ascended established themselves as the largest and most active Holy Order in the Isles of Axios- serving as a founding member of both the first and second iterations of the Holy League.


The Lord Sage is possessed of several blood relatives who have gone missing but are presumed alive, such as the Anthosian Druid of Sunshine, Verden. Furthermore, due to his longtime service as Master Sage, many Ascended have come to call him "Father"- and some have even taken his name and/or been formally adopted into the family. These individuals are his adopted sister, the Rapture Elder Opal Fritz-Vientos, and his adopted daughter, Ambassador Victoria Vientos.


Many know the Sage to be a peaceful and amiable man, seldom to anger and soft-spoken. While this holds true, it should be noted that he is also fiercely protective of his Order, whom he considers his family, and the tenets of Aeriel, which he holds in appropriately high regard. Given the proper provocation, his wrath is fearsome to behold.

Random Tidbits

  • The Sage's common name "Heial" comes from the Elvish word for "circle", made in reference to his Enderpearl form.
  • Delaselva served as the Lord High Intendant of the Second Holy League until its dissolution in the early 1600's.
  • Some say that the Sage's famous transformation was the work of an evil witch- however, the exact methods of his miraculous survival are lost to the mists of time.