Donovan Ruric de Frey

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Donovan Ruric
Donovan Ruric de Frey.jpg
King of Norland
Reign: 1607-1613
Coronation: Unknown
Predecessor: Arytom I
Successor: Arytom I
Born: Unknown
Death: Somewhere in Norland, 1669
Spouse: N/A
House: Ruric
Father: Ivanhoe Ruric
Mother: Unknown

King Donovan Ruric also known as Donovan "The Defender" reigned as King of Norland from the years 1607 - 1613, taking up the mantle as king after his cousin Arytom I fell into a deep coma, facing the brink of war Donovan stepped up to the plate and took total control over the Norlandic war effort, have lost numerous battles and skirmishes to the Dwarven Legions all seemed lost, but Donovan upon the beginning of the Norlandic capital of the Krag, used whatever wealth Norland could sum up to hire Dunamis, a highly trained military group, together they pushed back the Dwarven invaders from The Krag.


Early Life

Late Life


War of Grudges

Notable Feats

  • King of Norland

Donovan took up the title King of Norland after his cousin fell into coma, he was most notable for fighting back and winning the War of Grudges against the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.

  • De Frey

It is notable to mention that Donovan is one of the only notable and successful Ruric commanders and Kings, having the majority of the Kings be decendants of Edvard, or Eirik, the greater of the Kings belonging to the Eiriksons.