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The Duke of Carnatia (Hansetian: Herzeni Carnateo) was the ruler of the Duchy of Carnatia, though the actual title itself was not used until 1532 during the reign of Otto II. The title itself existed consistently for more than a century, however sometimes ruled as lesser titles to other monarchs or figureheads. The holder of the title itself was traditionaly a vassal of the Holy Orenian Empire and later the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska.

The title has switched between numerous houses, including House Rovin, House Barbanov, House Kovachev,House Sarkozic and House Vyronov.

List of Rulers

Dukes of Haense

Before the Horen Restoration, the rulers commonly titled themselves as Dukes of Haense, with the exception of Otto I would had bestowed himself the title of Grand Duke of Vanderfell.

Portrait Birth
Death Succession right
Otto I
Otto Arius Rovin
otto.jpg 2nd of Malin's Welcome, 1445
Kaldonia, Oren

Son of Derick Heinzreich and Lilaine Rovin
Frederique of Drusco
Drusco, Savoy, Oren
2 children
Marie Winter
Marius Baruch
3th of the Sun's Smile, 1504
Fjordem, Aeldin
aged 59
Right of Foundation
Charles I
Karl Aleksandrovic Barbanov
charlesbarb.png 15th of the Deep Cold, 1481
Petrus, Oren

Son of Alexander I, Holy Orenian Emperor and Arabella of Aesterwald
Alexandra of Werdenburg
Siegrad, Oren
2 children
11th of the First Seed, 1510
Siegrad, Oren
aged 29
Nephew of Otto I
Siguine I
Siguine Karovic Barbanov
SiguineBarb1.jpg 28th of the Amber Cold, 1505
Siegrad, Oren

Son of Charles of Carnatia and Alexandra of Werdenburg
Kamila of Woldzmir
Siegrad, Oren
1 child
Unknown, believed c.1557
aged 50-60
Son of Charles of Carnatia

*Note: between 1518 and 1523 the duchy was effectively ruled by a regent, Tancred Othaman, however Siguine did not abdicate till its fall in 1523

Dukes of Carnatia

In 1526, the ducal title was regranted to the displaced Sarkozic family following the Horen Restoration, giving three years between the formal abdication of Duke Siguine and the granting of the ducal coronet to Duke Otto II

Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Succession right
Otto II
Otto var Hugo Sarkozic
s-l1000.jpg 9th of the Sun's Smile, 1513
Adria, Oren

Son of Duke Hugh of Adria and Madeleine of Alstion
Milena of Kvasz
Kvasz, Carnatia, Oren
6 children
18th of the Grand Harvest, 1544
Fjordem, Aeldin
aged 31
sarkozic.png None, title granted
Stephen I
Stefan var Otto Sarkozic
1564787.jpg 21st of the Amber Cold, 1529
Baranya, Carnatia, Oren

Son of Duke Otto II of Carnatia and Milena of Kvasz
Unwed 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1546
Brelus, Lorraine, Oren
aged 17
sarkozic.png Son of Duke Otto II of Carnatia
John I
Jan Varonic Kovachev
jan.jpg 5th of the First Seed, 1494
Karovia, Akovia, Oren

Son of King Varon of Akovia and Anne of Cavan
Unwed 17th of the Sun's Smile, 1573
Voron, Haense, Oren
aged 79
KovacCoat.png Grandfather of Duke Stephen of Carnatia and father-in-law of Duke Otto II of Carnatia
Peter I
Petyr var Sigmar Barbanov
petyr 2.jpg 23rd of the First Seed, 1522
Nova Horas, Aeldin

Son of Duke Siguine of Haense and Kamila of Woldzmir
Elizabeth of Metterden
Metterden, Erochland, Oren
5 children
4th of the Deep Cold, 1582
Karlsburg, Haense, Oren
aged 60
bbovcoa.png Right of Election
Son of Duke Siguine of Haense
Andrew I
Andrik Otto var Petyr Barbanov
AndrewII,2.0.jpg 11th of the Sun's Smile, 1564
Metterden, Erochland, Oren

Son of King Peter of Hanseti-Ruska and Elizabeth of Metterden
Theresa Elizabeth of Turov
Karlsburg, Haense, Oren
3 children
2nd of the Deep Cold, 1586
Johannesburg, Oren
aged 21
bbovcoa.png Son of King Peter of Hanseti-Ruska
Marius I
Marian var Andrik Barbanov
marius2.0.jpg 12th of Malin's Welcome, 1584
Karlsburg, Haense, Oren

Son of King Andrew II of Hanseti-Ruska and Theresa Elizabeth of Turov
Adelaide-Isabella of Metterden
Karlsburg, Haense, Oren
2 children
15 Sun's Smile 1611
Auguston, Mardon
aged 27
bbovcoa.png Son of King Andrew II of Haense
Sergius I
Sergei var Jan Kovachev
Sergei.jpeg 14th of the First Seed, 1531
Bihar, Carnatia, Oren

Legitimized son of Duke John of Carnatia and Henrietta Horen-Marna
Roseia of Courland
Riga, Courland, Oren
6 children
19th of Sun's Smile, 1589
Turov, Haense
aged 58
KovacCoat.png Title granted
Legitimized bastard of Duke John of Carnatia, maternal uncle of King Marius of Hanseti-Ruska
Henry I
Henrik var Sergei Kovachev
8d53dcf21ff41d320a2494dfd5a90a8b--anthony-van-dyck-baron.jpg 29th of the Deep Cold, 1560
Carnatia, Oren

Son of Duke Sergius I of Carnatia and Roseia of Courland
Kysinna of Riverford
Turov, Carnatia, Haense
4 children
30th of the Deep Cold, 1600
Karlsburg, Haense
aged 40
KovacCoat.png Son of Duke Sergius I of Carnartia
Sergius II
Sergei var Henrik Kovachev
ntpl 25866.jpg 7th of the Amber Cold, 1587
Turov, Carnatia, Oren

Son of Duke Henry of Carnatia and Kynsinna of Riverford
Katherine of Haense
Karlsburg, Carnatia, Haense
2 children
11th of Sun's Smile, 1613
Carnatia, Haense
aged 26
KovacCoat.png Son of Duke Henry of Carnartia
Victor I
Viktor var Sergei Kovachev
ViktorKova.jpg 23rd of Sun's Smile, 1572
Turov, Carnatia, Oren

Legitimized son of Duke Sergius I of Carnatia
Edith of Hearth
Hearth, Lorraine, Oren
1 children

Princess Tatiana of Haense
Karlsburg, Haense, Oren
Deceased KovacCoat.png Legitimized bastard of Duke Sergius I of Carnatia
Sergius III
Sergei var Henrik Kovachev
sergei3kova.jpg 6th of the First Seed, 1604
Turov, Carnatia, Oren

Son of Duke Sergei II of Carnatia and Kathrine of Haense
Marie of Ayr
Voron, Ayr, Haense
1 children
14th of the Deep's Cold, 1634
aged 30
KovacCoat.png Son of Sergei II of Carnartia
Richard I
Rickard var Sergei Kovachev
RickardI-2nd.jpg 22nd of the Deep Cold, 1623
Turov, Carnatia, Oren

Son of Duke Sergei III of Carnatia and Marie of Ayr
Elizabeth of Mondstadt
Metz, Lorraine, Oren
2 children

Victoria Vientos
Ostwick, Lorraine Kingdom of Lotharingia
Alive KovacCoat.png Son of Sergei III of Carnartia
Emma I
Emma vas Rickard Kovachev
Elisabethofdenmark.jpg 22nd of the Bitter Harvest, 1647
Markev, Haense

Daughter of Duke Rickard I of Carnatia and Elizabeth Amador
Unmarried Deceased KovacCoat.png Daughter of Duke Rickard I of Carnatia
Joseph I
Jozsef var Andrei Kovachev
jozsefkovachev2.png 7th of the Deep Cold, 1647
Markev, Haense

Son of Andrei Kovachev
Antione de Reden
1 children
Deceased KovacCoat.png Son of Andrei Kovachev
Henry II
Henrik var Jozsef Kovachev
Henrik II Placeholder.png 10th of the Snow's Maiden, 1660
Sennistan, Renatus

Son of Duke Jozef Kovachev
1 children

Viktoria of Vidaus
Markev, Haense
Deceased KovacCoat.png Son of Jozef Kovachev
Varon I
Varon var Henrik Kovachev
VaronI.jpg 12th of Snow's Maiden, 1675
Gryphon's Roost, Renatus

Son of Duke Henrik Kovachev
Unknown Aeldenic Noblewoman Unknown;Deceased KovacCoat.png Son of Henrik Kovachev
Marius II
Marus Demetrius var Robert Bihar
Marius.jpg 16th of Sun's Smile, 1683
Krepost, Markev, Haense

Son of King Robert I and Elizaveta of Vidaus
Valera of Adria
Belvitz, Adria
3 children

Klaudia of Vasiland
4 Children
12th of Malin's Welcome, 1719
Prikaz Palace, Reza, Haense
aged 36
biharcoa.png Title returned
to the crown in 1709.
Andrew II
Andrik Lothar var Marus Bihar
Andrik.png 8th of Amber Cold, 1710
Prikaz Palace, Reza, Haense

Son of King Marius II and Klaudia of Vasiland
Milena Carrion-Tuvyic
Ves, Adria, Haense
Alive biharcoa.png Son of Marius II
Lerald I
Lerald var Lukas Vyronov
Lerald1.jpg 14th of The Deep Cold, 1680
Ayr, Haense

Son of Baron Lukas of Rytsburg and Kamila of Ayr
Johanna of Österland
10th of Snow's Maiden, 1732
Carnatia, Haense
aged 51
Vyronov1.png None, title granted
by King Andrew III
Charles II
Karl Gustav var Lerald Vyronov
225N09459 8PK3C (1).jpg 8th of Malin's Welcome, 1712
Reza, Haense

Son of Duke Lerald of Carnatia and Johanna of Österland
Unwed 10th of The Amber Cold, 1738
Carnatia, Haense
aged 26
Vyronov1.png Son of Duke Lerald I of Carnatia
John II
Jan Rudolph var Lerald Vyronov
!!!!!!a.png 6th of Sun's Smile, 1716
Reza, Haense

Son of Duke Lerald of Carnatia and Johanna of Österland
Unwed 15th of Sun's Smile, 1742
Hangman’s Bridge
aged 26
Vyronov1.png Brother of Duke Charles II,
Son of Duke Lerald I
Robert I
Robert Owyn var Lerald Vyronov
!Robert1.jpg 3rd of Snow's Maiden, 1717
Reza, Haense

Son of Duke Lerald of Carnatia and Johanna of Österland
Unwed Alive Vyronov1.png Brother of Duke John II,
Son of Duke Lerald I