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Dunshire was founded in 1645 after Fernswood was abandoned for a village in The Whispering Crossroads. The village was then moved to The Cloud Temple lands after the monks let the halflings do so.

Society and Politics

The halflings of Dunshire do not associate with any nation of bigger folks. Little trade flows out of Dunshire and into other areas, with what little trade that does exist not being sanctioned by any halfling government. Dunshire used to have Mayor and Sheriff positions during it's early days. However, ever since Jack Bundle won the First Election of Dunshire and then resigned shortly afterwards, Dunshire has not had any leadership figures. Currentely things are decided via occasional village meetings and gatherings, where all halflings have a say.


Dunshire has many noticable features in it. Most notable of these features is the Melon Tree of Dunshire, which hangs over much of the village. Also notable is Dunshire Lake and the large fields in the South Western part of the village that servers as it's food source.