Dwalin Irongut

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Warden-Proctor Dwalin Irongut

Dwalin Irongut is a well-renowned dwarf, serving in Axios as the Warden-Proctor of the Ascended Order, as well as Clan-Father of his venerable family. His past is long and varied, but in his later years he is almost universally respected and acts as seasoned liason between the Order of the Archaengul and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.


The Dwarves

Dwalin was born in the elder realm, Aegis, to Skippy Irongut and an unknown Dwarven woman. The young dwarf would follow his father for a large portion of his adult life, training in the ways of the axe and sword as well as forgework, excelling at both. He fought alongside his father in the Orenian War of Athera, which saw a new resurgence of Dwarven military power.

When Skippy became Grand King of the Dwarves, Dwalin took up arms as a member of the venerable ‘Kingsguard’, defending him during the Frostbeard Rebellion which swept through the nation. Following the death of Skippy Irongut in 1525 to a Dark Elven assassin, Dwalin receded in shame from the public eye, only returning to back his cousin Uldar Irongut as Kingsguard once more during the latter’s bid for Kingship.

When Uldar was removed from the position of Grand King, his Kingsguard was branded as traitors to the realm- a verdict which saw one of Dwalin’s hands removed at the wrist, and the Dwarf himself cast out of Dwarven society. Thus maimed, both mind and body, he set out to seek greener pastures and left the war-ravaged land of the Dwarves behind him.

Not long after the beginning of the Dwarves’ life on the Isles of Axios, Dwalin returned once more unto the fold and was re-accepted into his Clan. Seeking new meaning, the renewed Irongut became a Priest of the Brathmordakin, with the patron Anbella, and joined also with the Legion, which he served with distinction. It was his expertise that saw the design and construction of Khaz’Drakkon, Clanhall of Irongut, and shortly thereafter he was assigned as Ambassador to Sutica by the Grand King at the time, Bastion Ireheart.

The Ascended

It was at this time that Dwalin met with the Ascended, and after a short period serving the Order he was bestowed the Gift of Aeriel and became a well-known member. His friendship with Belestram Sylvaeri, Ravondir Torena, Volkhard Markwardt and Laerean Sylvaeri, as well as other members of the renowned Onyx Division, has become the stuff of many a song and tale. He, along with this fellowship, aided in the defense of the Citadel of Bastion and many other conflicts.


Dwalin, while gruff and somewhat reserved, is possessed of a considerable wit and is well-loved by those who know him well. He has been known to be quite lecherous, but (almost) never offensively so.

Random Tidbits

  • Dwalin was one of the first Ascended to partake of the now famous Jungle Juice, and helped to popularize it among his brethren.
  • Dwalin’s false hand, while metal for a long period, was remade with the golemic arts by his friend Duren.
  • He bears the title “Warden-Proctor of the Ascended Order”