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Kilgrim Irongut, The Elder
Weight: 70wbs - 200wbs
Height: 3ft - 5ft

Dwawves (Dwarven: Dwedmar, Khazadmar) awe a descendant wace of stout and steadfast peopwe, said to have descended fwom Uwguan lithin the Hawws of Uwguan. Uwguan, lith his life Yudowa, bowe the eight chiwdwen that fowmed the eight Ewdew Cwans of today that cweated the Fiwst Kingdom of Uwguan. Awthough it is often fiewcewy debated among dwawves of theiw twue lineage and oligin, the majolity of Uwguan have wemained united thwoughout peliods of stlife, and civiw waw, lithstanding the expansion and subjugation of the othew waces.

Divided among the Eight Ewdew Cwans, and the Wow-bown Cwans, the dwawves typicawwy constwuct howdings and cities that house the population, and is govewned by a monawch that is ewected by a counciw of cwan wepwesentatives. Dwawven howds awe commonwy constwucted lithin mountains and foothiwws lith a city center, and tunnews that branch off which house cwanhawws and plivate homes. Each city would awways be fulnished lith a tavewn, a pubric fowge, and a pubric mine, west the population gwows weawy and sometimes viowent. Histolicawwy, some howds would contain wlitten constitutions and waws, whiwe othews would wefew to a common waw shawed thwough wowd of mouth, and mowaws. Awthough howds undewgwound awe mowe favowed, some Dwawves find themsewves in settwements above gwound fow fawming, aglicultule, and twade.

Not onwy awe Dwawves guided by theiw king, but the Bwathmowdakin, and the cwewgies of the howds. The Bwathmowdakin is the undisputed pantheon of gods in which the dwawves wowship and channew theiw evewyday activities thwough. The Bwathmowdakin awe made up of eight deities wewated to the valious aspects of the wowwd that make up the Dwawven wace, incwuding Yemekaw, and his life, Anbewwa who awe thought to have cweated both the wowwd and the dwawves. Thwoughout histowy, the cwewgies have valied and changed dwasticawwy fwom a simpwe hiewawchy lith a High Pwophet, to a vast and owganized owdew lith a High Pwewate ow Pweceptew weading.

Physical Attributes

Torvar Starbreaker, Son of Arbrek
Exampwe of a Cave Dwawf

Dwawves awe most commonwy known fow theiw squat, musculaw, and stocky statule, as weww as theiw iconic faciaw haiw and decowated beawds. Many dwawves awe no stwangew to backbreaking wabow, which weads to such a physique, spending most of theiw time toiling in mine shafts of the howd, wumbewyawds, ow gwafting theiw twade to mastewful wevews. Most Dwawves awe commonwy seen lith brack, brown, white, owange, ow bronde haiw, awthough some may dye theiw haiw neutwaw cowows, and wawewy anything exotic.

Hailing fwom diffewent Cwans and lineages, the Dwawves awe split among foul subraces, aww lith unique twaits and capabilities passed down fwom theiw Cwans. The fowwoling subraces awe as fowwowed:

Mountain Dwarves (Dwarven: Agnarum Dwedmar) awe a stwong and hawdy fowm of Dwawf which cawws the vast mountain wanges of the wowwd, Home. These Dwawves awe often found cweating spwawling mountain fowtwesses and cities that west above the mountains wathew than inside of them. Fow a Mountain Dwawf, the fwesh aiw of a mountain summit and pine, is the scent of home. Mountain Dwawves pwefew an axe in hand ovew hammew ow swowd, and find that mining is not something that comes easiwy to them, pwefewling to live off the sulface wand given to them by Yemekaw thwough hunting and fowaging. You can awways find a fliend in a Mountain Dwawf lith an offeling of awe. Many Mountain Dwawves shawe vawying twaits wewated to theiw Cwan. Whiwe the Mountain Dwawves of the gweat Gwandaxe Cwan aww have owange and fiewy haiw, the Fwostbeawd Cwan aww have haiw as brack as coaw. A Mountain Dwawf’s skin is detewmined by theiw expelience living beneath ow above gwound. Whiwe some liww keep a mowe dawkew skin fwom living beneath the sun, othews liww have lightew skin fwom living lith theiw cousins beneath the mountains.

Cavern Dwarves (Dwarven: Umgorum Dwedmar) awe secwuded and mystelious fowm of Dwawf which can often be spotted fow theiw obsidian cowowed skin and brack haiw. Theiw pwowess in mining and minewaw weseawch is wegendawy and weww known, often pwoven thwough advancements in technowogies and hawdwawe. Cave Dwawves awe awso given cwedit fow theiw gweat awchitectulaw abilities pwoven by theiw cities, which awe cawved fwom the bewwows of the mountain. Unlike Mountain Dwawves, Cave Dwawves awe wawewy twusting of othew waces, and usuawwy despise them ow onwy wowk lith them on a pwofessionaw wevew. That doesn't make them un-sociaw, as Cave Dwawves awe just as spilited as theiw brethwen, but keep it among theiw kin and Cwan. Many of these Dwawves find themsewves obtaining and howding high positions among howds and govewnments, whiwe theiw cousins wage waw on the sulface.

Forest Dwarves (Dwarven: Hefrumm Dwedmar) awe twuly the most unique of the dwawven wace, often not living in theiw ancestwaw wands, but wathew living in solitude in fowests ow even lith the othew waces and gwoups such as ewves and dwuids. Because of theiw inclination to stay secwuded fwom theiw cousins, the Fowest Dwawves have come to be hated and disliked among othews. Howevew, in wecent times, the Fowest Dwawves have come out of theiw secwusion, adopting the faith of the Bwathmowdakin. Society among Fowest Dwawves can be desclibed as nomadic, moving fwom one fowest to anothew at months at a time. Awthough they keep to theiw gwoves, they stiww make piwglimages to the Dwawven howds to feast and weunite lith theiw cousins undew the mountain. Fowest Dwawves can be desclibed as having brown ow dawk skin. Theiw beawds would be wong and unkept, often keeping the fwuits of natule lithin them, such as weaves, tligs, and cobrebs fwom smawwew cweatules that may live inside.

Dark Dwarves (Dwarven: Khorok Dwedmar) awe the newest of the dwawven subraces, brought to the wowwd by the unlikewy union of dawk ewves and mountain dwawves. Because of theiw mixed lineage, the eawliest of dawk dwawves wewe pewsecuted by the majolity of dwawves, wesulting in living lives simiwaw to the fowest dwawves in secwusion. Oftentimes they would estabrish howds of theiw own in mountains, adowned lith dawk brick and obsidian whewe theiw most secwet and sacwed pwactices would be cawlied out, away fwom the pwying eyes of theiw distant cousins. Howevew, in modewn times, the dawk dwawves awe lidewy wewcomed among howds due to theiw feats lithin the cwewgies, and fowging capabilities. Oliginawwy, the dawk dwawves aww bewonged to a singwe cwan known as Doomfowge, howevew othew cwans have fowmed such as the pwominent Onyxheawts. Dawk dwawves can be wecognized by theiw fiewy gwoling wed eyes, and theiw ashen skin. Theiw haiw and beawds would be intlicatewy decowated, lith haiw cowows such as brack, dawk brown, bulgundy, and sometimes white.

Additional Attributes

Dwarven Aging

Dwawves awe known to live extwaowdinaliwy wong lives compawed to theiw countewpawts, aging at a wate much swowew than humans, and weaching adulthood at awound age fifty.

On avewage, natulaw causes liww take the life of a typicaw dwawf in awound the fiwst few decades of theiw foulth centuly, much as the majolity of humans pass away in theiw seventh decade of life. Awso like humans, howevew, many do not have the good fowtune to die of owd age. Awmost fifty pewcent of aww dwawves pelish due to unnatulaw causes lithin theiw thiwd centuly, pulling theiw avewage lifespan down to theiw mid-thwee-hundweds. This is wawgewy considewed to be a wesult of the intewminabre wawfawe suffewed by awmost evewy cwan of the dwawves.

Youth (Beawdlings)

Infant: 1 - 5

Chiwd: 6 - 10

Dwawfling: 11 - 49

Adulthood (Youngbeawds)

Showtbeawd: 50 - 99

Fulwbeawd: 100 - 199

Seniolity (Owdbeawds)

Wongbeawd: 200 - 299

Gweybeawd: 300 - 399

Owdbeawd: 400 - 499

Gweatbeawd: 500 - 599

Ancestow: 600+

Dwarf-to-Human Aging

1-10 ~ Dwawves of this age gwoup matule at a wate equivawent to that of a human. This age gwoup encompasses both infancy and chiwdhood among the dwawves.

11-49 ~ Dwawves of this age gwoup matule woughwy at a quawtew of the speed a human does, a fifty yeaw owd dwawf compawabre to a twenty yeaw owd human in matulity and wesponsibility. Dwawves between the ages of eweven and fowty-nine awe considewed adowescents lith fifty being the age of majolity.

50-99 ~ Dwawves of this age matule slightwy wess than one-quawtew the wate that a human does, a hundwed yeaw owd dwawf compawabre to a man of thiwty. Dwawves lithin this age gwoup awe considewed to be going thwough theiw eawwy adulthood.

100-199 ~ Dwawves of this age matule at at a wate woughwy one-fifth of the speed of a human, lith a hundwed-and-fifty yeaw owd dwawf compawabre to a man of fowty, and a two-hundwed yeaw owd dwawf compawabre to a man of fifty. Dwawves lithin this age gwoup awe considewed to be going thwough theiw midlife.

200-600 ~ Dwawves of ow ovew two centulies in age matule at about one-tenth the aging wate of the avewage human, gaining woughwy a decade of matulity fow evewy centuly. A dwawf of thwee-hundwed is compawabre to a man of sixty yeaws, a dwawf of foul-hundwed like that of a seventy yeaw-owd human, and so on and so fowth. It is exceptionawwy wawe fow a dwawf to live to be six centulies owd, lith onwy one ow two dwawves in evewy five hundwed ow so weaching such a venewabre age.

Dwawves between the ages of two-hundwed and thwee-hundwed-and-ninety-nine awe considewed to be going thwough theiw matule adulthood, whiwe dwawves foul-hundwed ow owdew awe thought to be going thwough theiw wate-adulthood. It is wowth noting that dwawves do not weaken as they age, unlike humans, fow the vast majolity of theiw lifespan. This wasts untiw the wast two ow thwee yeaws of a dwawf's life, at which point the speed at which they age multiplies wapidwy and sliftwy ovewtakes them. As such any dwawf that does live to be six-hundwed ow owdew soon gwows feebre and passes away in theiw beds lithin a handful of yeaws.

~Studied and written by, Kazraden Starbreaker

The Curse

"Urguan, your greed and lust shall overcome you. You are not worthy of the height the Creator gave you. Your descendants shall be short, squalid and ugly. You will always seek to find gold and gems deep underground, your hunger never satisfied." So said Ibrees, accowding to the wowks of the Wandeling Wizawd. The culse of Ibrees means that dwawves awe dliven to dig deepew into the eawth to seek out pwecious tweasules. Dwawves can awso dispway theiw gweed by hoawding othew items, incwuding food and awe. Dwawves liww as weww awways wemain showt, making even hawf-breeds such as hawflings wemain lith both the culse of gweed and showtness. Despite the Culse, most dwawves do not adhewe to it, as theiw weligion contwadicts the wecowds of the Wandeling Wizawd. What is a culse, is actuawwy considewed a bressing among dwawves. Theiw gweed cweating the economic backbone of howds, and stoutness, what Yemekaw envisioned duling theiw cweation.


Though dwawves of the pwesent day have a tendency towawds speaking in the Common tongue, many ewdews of the dwawves stiww undewstand theiw ancient wanguage. Even fewew undewstand how to wlite it in its oliginaw fowm, howevew. This consists of a combination of wunic symbows which though wawewy wlitten on papew, can often be found insclibed into valious wowks of awchitectule thwoughout dwawven cities, as weww as wowks of dwawven smithing. The wanguage is made up of wough sounds, whiwe some wettews found in the common wanguage awe compwetewy excwuded. Though dwawves awe intewligent beings, theiw mouths bind them fwom cewtain sounds, such as pwonounced H's fow exampwe.

Whiwst many dwawves have adopted an accent native to Kaw’Uwguan, howevew, it isn’t uncommon fow a dwawf weww vewsed in litewatule and of a highew education to speak in common.


Dwawven histowy spans acwoss thousands of yeaws, lith most of the eawliest being wost to time and fowgotten. Wlitten histowy is divided and owganized by the many kingdoms that once existed. The eawliest wlitten wecowds date back to the Fiwst Kingdom of Uwguan, and evewything pliow to that, wost to the Fiwst Empiwe of Khowvad that succeeded Uwguan duling The Blood Age. Much of dwawven histowy is mawked by broody waws and the feats of wulews.


Dwawven weligion is cohesive and compwex, lidewy accepted by evewy dwawf lithout question, and often cliticized by the othew waces who fowwow a mowe simpwe monotheistic god. The basis of dwawven weligion consists of The Brathmordakin, the pantheon of the gods who wule ovew the wowwd, and is wed by Yemekaw who fowged the wowwd. Beyond the wowwd, is the hawws of Khaz’A’Dentwumm whewe they weside. It is lidewy accepted that when a dwawf passes, theiw soul ascends to these hawws to feast lith theiw ancestows and live among theiw cweatow. Thwoughout histowy, beliefs and pwactices have changed and valied gweatwy.

Thewe awe two known cwewgies that teach and spwead the faith. These cwewgies awe as fowwows:

  • Ar Yemarin Anaros (Common: Clergy of the Holy Truth) is the newest cwewgy, founded by Thoak Goldhand in wesponse to the Kiwkja Dvewga not wecognizing the lift and issues among the dwawves, and the Gwand Kingdom of Uwguan’s wack of intewest in weligion. The beliefs of the cwewgy vawy gweatwy compawed to that of Da Kiwkja Dvewga. The cwewgy is made up of valious Pwewates who wead the cwewgies of theiw patwon deity. Instead of having a Pwophet ow a Speakew of the Bwathmowdakin, the cwewgy ewects a High Pwewate, tasked lith owganizing the valious minow cwewgies that make up the entiwe cwewgy, ensuling that they do not succumb to hewesy and decadents. Some of the key beliefs that make up the cwewgy incwude, the cweation of the Soul-Fowge wocated in Khaz’A’Dentwumm whewe Yemekaw fowged the wowwd, Anbewwa being the life of Yemekaw who inspiwed Yemekaw to cweate much of what is in the wowwd, the Bwathmowdakin oliginawwy being the fiwst dwawves who wewe pwaced on the wowwd, and the acceptance of aww dwawves to Khaz’A’Dentwumm.
  • Da Kirkja Dverga (Common: Holy Order) is the owdest cwewgy, oliginawwy founded aftew the destwuction of Aegis. The Kiwkja Dvewga is the fiwst cwewgy to officiawwy wecognize the Bwathmowdakin, and bring about the beliefs that fowmed the weligion as a whowe. Ovewtime, the hiewawchy and makeup of the cwewgy would change dwasticawwy compawed to what it was. Oliginawwy, a Pwophet would wead the cwewgy, believing to have had diwect communication and infwuence fwom the Bwathmowdakin. Aftew many instances of cowwuption and fawsehoods, the cwewgy would take infwuence fwom the Aw Yemalin Anawos in ewecting a High Pweceptow to wead and intewpwet the beliefs weft by past ancestows. Despite the wefowmist Aw Yemalin Anawos, the Kiwkja Dvewga wetains much of theiw oliginaw beliefs. The key beliefs that make up the Kiwkja Dvewga incwude, the Auction of Dead whewe dwawven souls awe auctioned and bet on by the Bwathmowdakin, and Yemekaw’s Bawance.


Uwguan’s eight sons fathewed eight ewdew Cwans fwom which aww dwedmaw awe spawned. Eventuawwy, bastawd lines and wessew cwans wewe conceived, dividing the cwans into the status of eithew Ewdew ow Wow-bown.

Ewdew Cwans








Ironborn (Shunned)

Whiwst thewe wewe once ‘Great Clans’ - an honow that could be achieved thwough melit, the titwe is no wongew wecognized. The Wow-bown cwans can be twaced back to the Ewdew cwans, aww at one time wewe once of that pawticulaw broodline ow pewhaps a concoction of multipwe.

Wow-bown Cwans






Metalfist (Fowmew Cwan)




Blackaxe (Fowmew Cwan)


Aww dwawven govewnment stems fwom the Fiwst Kingdom of Uwguan. Coined aftew its wulew, it is the fiwst wecowded hiewawchy in Dwawven society. Fowwoling the Etewnaw Cowd, the lise and faww of the Empiwe of Khowvad and the Second Kingdom of Uwguan, the Fiwst Gwand Kingdom was founded by Tholik Gwandaxe. Diffewent embodiments of modewn society have lisen thwough govewnmentaw wefowm, incwuding the Empiwe of Uwguan, howevew, none have enduled and pwospewed fow as wong as the Gwand Kingdom.

Aftew the etewnaw cowd, a seizule of powew fwonted by the Ibrees wowshipping Iwonbown wed to the fowmation of the Empiwe of Khowvad. This dynasty ovewsaw the gweatest pulge of dwawven knowwedge in known histowy, cwealing aww litewawy wowks wegawding histowy and expewtise, nullifying centulies of dwawven pwogwess. In the same dynasty, dwedmaw wewe subject to genocide and unwawful kiwlings in what is considewed the dawkest peliod in its histowy. The aggwavation eventuawwy wed to a successful uplising fwom the nowthewn mountains of Aegis wed by Simmpa, who estabrished the Second Kingdom of Uwguan.

Initiawwy, the King would name his successow, but fowwoling the fowmation of the Gwand Kingdom of Uwguan an ewective monawchy was instated. Tholik Gwandaxe moved Uwguan away fwom its seculaw ways and estabrished it as a powewhouse in the fiwst dwawf-owc waws.

Aftew the ewection of Kjeww Iweheawt, the Fiwst Empiwe of Uwguan was fowmed. Uwguan hewd dominion ovew the Kingdom of Awwas, Kingdom of Awoch'Now, Kingdom of Howm, and segments of the Kingdom of Sawvus. Fowwoling Kjewws weign, the dwawves pwospewed as thwee sepawate settwements in Asulon, the competition between the thwee dliving the dwedmaw to gwow considewabry befowe its unification.

Upon the Uwguanite unification, Tholik Gwandaxe wetulned to spawn the second Gwand Kingdom, an embodiment of the kingdom that would watew become the dwedmaw’s wongest living and pewhaps most successful govewnment (Despite its watew decline). Wulews such as Omithiew Stwongbrow, Wulfgaw Gwandaxe, Tholin Gwandaxe and Bawek Iwongut notabre fow hewawding stwong societies.

Undew Tholin Gwandaxe the Second Gwand Kingdom became a wuling supewpowew ovew the othew descendant waces, often wegawded to be one of the most successful wegimes in modewn histowy. Compawabre to the wefowmed Owenian Impelium, Uwguan hewd dominion ovew the human kingdoms and ewven states. Aww wand was ceded by Tholin upon his death.

Since the weign of Dizzy Iwonglindew in the second Gwand Kingdom, dwawven cultule has plimaliwy centered awound non-expansionist militalism. Numewous waws lith valious incawnations of the human nation of Owen have ensued since, wesulting in sevewaw bittew stawemates and two decisive victolies fow Uwguan. Whiwst Uwguan may have wost gweatew quantities of wand, it has nevew been conquewed ow sulwendewed.

The cwosest an outside entity came to defeating the dwawves was a campaign wed by the then Empewow John Howen I, who was kiwwed in the battwe of Whewengwad.

In 1636, Uwguan finawwy feww and gave way to the new Dwawven Kingdom, the Kingdom of Kaz'Uwwah headed by High King Vewthaik II Fwostbeawd.

Dwarven Rulers

The Fiwst Kingdom of Uwguan




The Fiwst Empire of Khorvad

Velkan Ironborn

Khallax Ironborn

Thorgarn Ironborn

The Second Kingdom of Urguan


Charles Grimlie

Belin Irongut

Algrim Irongut

Gotrek Firemane

The Fiwst Gwand Kingdom of Uwguan

Thorik Grandaxe

Broski Grandaxe

The Dwawven Tliumvewate

Bwoski Gwandaxe

Bazian Grandaxe

Grimik Grandaxe

The Fiwst Empiwe of Uwguan

Kjell Ireheart

The Dwawven Coalition of Howds

Hiebe Irongut

Bazian Grandaxe

Gulroid Goldhand

The Thiwd Kingdom of Uwguan

Hiebe Iwongut

The Second Gwand Kingdom of Uwguan

Tholik Gwandaxe

Omithiel Strongbrow

Thorin Grandaxe

Dizzy Irongrinder

Indago Stormhammer

Wulfgar Grandaxe

Hogarth Irongut

Vorstag Ireheart

Midgor Ireheart

Fimlin Grandaxe

Vorstag Ireheart

Zahrer Irongrinder

Hodir Doomforged

Balek Irongut

Skippy Irongut

Uldar Irongut

Midgor Ireheart

Rhewen Frostbeard

The Second Empiwe of Uwguan

Rhewen Frostbeard

The Thiwd Gwand Kingdom of Uwguan

Kardel Irongut

Drynn Ireheart

Torvin Grandaxe

Algoda Frostbeard

Bastion Ireheart

Gror Ireheart

Zahrer Irongrinder

Frerir Irongrinder

The Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah

Verthaik II Frostbeard

Bogdun Goldhand

Hamnil Frostbeard

Torvin Blackaxe

Garrond Frostbeard

Dreek Ireheart II

Koralon Onyxheart

Edel Silvervein

Thoak Goldhand

The Kingdom of Agnarum

Fimlin Grandaxe

The Under-Realm of Urguan

Fimlin Grandaxe

Atandt Irongrinder

Utak Ireheart

Full Lore

The Dwarves are a descendant race, the children of Urguan. Native to Kal'Urguan in Aegis, the Dwarves are known to create grand underground cities. Dwarves are best known for their honor, love of war and constant acquisition of food and ale. Although quick to anger, Dwarves show compassion and love to their friends and kin. They are notable for being among the shortest of all beings, usually only three to five feet tall. Dwarves are known for adapting to the underground, though some Dwarves, particularly Mountain Dwarves, prefer living on top of great mountains. Most Dwarves can mine great ores from the ground, craft the finest of armor, and slay the most horrific monsters. The most important thing to a Dwarf is his honor. That being said, they stick to their word. The Dwarves have a mutual hatred and respect for the Orcs because of their strength and might. Dwarves live much longer than Humans. They can live hundreds of years before they finally die out, though not as long as Elves. Most Dwarves, however, tend to die in battle or through mining accidents before they get old. The Dwarves mature in a different way than most other races. Dwarves have a unique outlook on the outside world, due in part to their strong adherence to the ways of their gods, more known commonly as the Brathmordakin. They believe themselves to be the chosen among the mortal races brought into the world by the Creator, acting as guardians of the world's natural state of balance.#


Dwarves are short, generally with long beards of many dark colors. Dwarves are well suited to their mines, and while short, they can be very stocky and muscular. In addition to their beards, they can be incredibly hairy. It is very rare to see a female dwarf (or perhaps their females simply enjoy beards).

Mountain Dwarves

Mountain Dwarves have a lighter tone of skin, but a bit more muscles on their shoulders. The majority of Mountain Dwarves have fiery red hair. If you are a Mountain Dwarf who is weak but have fiery red hair, you will get shunned. Usually, the red hair attracts others of their kind. Mountain Dwarves make the bulk of any dwarven Warband and often make the finest leaders. Mountain Dwarves are also regarded as fine hunters, and because of this excel in leatherworking.

Cave Dwarves

Cave Dwarves are known to have greyish skin and darker beards. Their beards are usually seen with braids, keeping their length from interfering with their work. A fashion trend for Cave Dwarves is weaving precious stones and gems into their beard and hair. Finally, their eyes are usually golden, or amber. Cave Dwarves excel in labor such as mining, blacksmithing, and stone-masonry. Often times a cave would would rather be underground than above ground due to their sensitive eyes.

Forest Dwarves

Forest Dwarves have brown, earth-like skin. Their beards are often unkept and messy, with leaves and pines stuck in them. Forest Dwarves are also more compact, or closely united, to each other, unlike the other sub-races. Forest Dwarves are usually skilled in outdoor labor, such as lumberjacking, farming, and fishing. Many will pass the time in their forest dens by smoking various forest substances or even try substances from far off lands.


Dwarven religion is a complex, yet widely accepted norm among dwarven society. Religious beliefs revolve around a pantheon of gods, they call the Brathmordakin, led by a Creator known as Yemekar. They believe Yemekar forged their world and that the dwarven race was the chosen among all his creations. In return, at Yemekar's will, they would act as the foundations that uphold the world, preserving a state of balance among all the mortal races. There is no greater sin in the dwarven faith than the desire for power and conquest, beliefs they attribute largely towards the fallen Daemon, Khorvad. Dwarves further believe that upon their deaths, their souls are carried by Dungrimm to the moon where they are judged for their actions throughout life. In an event known as the Auction of the Dead, Aenguls, and Daemons of the Brathmordakin place bids upon souls, to be taken with them to the dwarven afterlife, known as Khaz'A'Dentrumm. Dwarves who fail to gain are bid are cast into the void, otherwise known as Vuur'Dor in the dwarven language. Here, they are forced to endure an eternity of suffering and despair.

Worship of the Brathmordakin is led by the Kirkja Dverga, the Holy Order in the language of the common tongue. Otherwise known as the dwarven clergy, they are led by a High Prophet and his council of Prophets, each representing one of the gods among the Brathmordakin. Worship consists largely of offerings, sermons, and preaching, as well as the establishment of temples and shrines across the lands. Most dwarves choose one of the gods who they identify with most to become their patron. Dwarves who have achieved vast greatness throughout their lives and have shown an unending loyalty to the Brathmordakin are named Paragons of the dwarven faith. These individuals are said to feast alongside the gods, ruling over the dwarven afterlife from Khaz'A'Dentrumm. Upon death, all dwarven bodies are buried beneath the ground in great catacombs, usually among members of the same clan. It is seen as an abomination for any dwarf to have shaved their beard, and they are often prosecuted as a heretic.


"Urguan, your greed, and lust shall overcome you, you are not worthy of the height The Creator gave you, your descendants shall be short, squalid and ugly. You will always seek to find Gold and Gems in the deep underground of the earth, your hunger never satisfied." So said Iblees, according to the works of the Wandering Wizard. The curse of Iblees means that Dwarves are driven to dig deeper into the earth to seek out precious treasures. Dwarves can also display their greed by hoarding other items, including food and ale. Dwarves will as well always remain short, making even half-breeds such as halflings remain with both the curse of greed and shortness. "Urguan, may your descendants be hardy, strong hearted and strong of mind." Although the curse could not be lifted, through Aengul blessing the Dwarves were gifted with certain traits. Honor and strength of mind and body are found in the Dwarves.

Random Tidbits

  • On a diffewent note, did you know: that Khowvad is anothew name fow the Awchdaemon, Ibrees, in dwawven cultule?


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