Eleron Sylvaeri

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Artwork by Jenny Dolfen
Eleron Sylvaeri, Last Prince of Malinor

High Prince Eleron Sylvaeri was the last leader of the fallen nation of Malinor. His short but tumultuous reign saw the utter destruction of the ancient Princedom of Elves, and the rise of the Conclave of Malin. As a result, his legacy is mixed- with some regarding him as an unfortunate man who ruled at an inopportune time, and others viewing him as a weak and ineffectual leader who failed his people.


Born upon an island far from the lands of Anthos, Eleron Sylvaeri spent his youth living and working amongst a colony of seafaring Elves. Learning there the art of the shipwright, the future High Prince built for himself a vessel called Dawnbreaker and, coming of age, departed for the mainland.

Disembarking upon the stormy coastline north of Malinor, Sylvaeri met with his brother Lafthi, a Prince, and began to serve the Elves. Initially in a position as a Sentinel under Khel Oussana, the young elf advanced quickly through the ranks until he served as Citizen’s Warden, a position directly beneath the High Council. Together with the recently arrived Darius Denurem he was bestowed the title of Prince, ascending to the High Council. Shortly thereafter, the Prince was nominated by the incumbent High Princess, Titania, as her replacement.

Running against Khel Oussana in an intra-Council vote, Eleron was victorious by a considerable margin, and planted therefore the seeds of his own demise. Khel Oussana and his supporter, Darius Denurem, were both Elves of the new movement known as the "Conclave of Malin", and upon losing this election renewed their efforts to cause the Princedom’s collapse.

When the Conclave rose, the precarious position of the Princedom became deadly. Led by Kalameet Izalith and several others, the movement installed operatives within the Princedom’s ailing government and worked to cast it down. When their armies finally marched, the cities of Leanniel and Darkhaven declared neutrality and allowed the Conclave’s military to travel through their borders.

During these last days of the Old Princedom, when the land rose in rebellion, Sylvaeri reached out to the then King of Oren for aid. Realizing the misplaced optimism of this overture, however, and the dismal state of the once-great Sentinels, the Prince and the few friends and advisors who still remained to him entered exile. In a twist of fate, it was at the hands of Carrion descendants of this King that the Prince was captured, tortured, and burned at the stake some fifty years later.


The High Prince had a brother, whose name was Lafthi, and was wed twice; first to a Wood Elven woman whose name is lost to time, and then to the influential High Elven figure, Lelien Aeleyelsa-Lazul. His first marriage yielded unto him a son, Venarion. Despite this, Eleron was not an exceptionally affectionate man, and spent very little time with either family.


There is much in the way of conjecture regarding the High Prince’s personality, and whether he was suited to the task which was arrayed before him when he was chosen to lead the High Council. He was a solitary man who knew little of inspiring friendship and loyalty- but he strove to do his duty nonetheless.

Notable Feats

The High Prince’s most famous effort during his reign, and the one that has had the most lasting legacy, was the decentralization of power. While it assisted the Conclave’s impending victory by dividing the already fractured populace, it also laid the groundwork for the independence and cultural revolution of the Wood and Dark Elves. The former Delver village of Leanniel, led by Artimec Camoryn, and the Dark Elven citadel at Darkhaven, led by Koltira “Kaldo” Raven’kor, became the capitals of their respective races.

Random Tidbits

  • Belestram Sylvaeri is Eleron’s grandson.
  • Following the former High Prince's death at the hands of the Carrions, his sword was kept by an elf named Griffin Whitewolf, who was known in later years as Ikur Seregon.