Elizabeth Preussens

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Elizabeth Maria Preussens
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Countess of Österland
Tenure: 1704-1718
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: John-Henry Preussens
Born: 10th of Sun’s Smile, 1687
Died: 11th of the Grand Harvest, 1718
(1) Jakob, Prince of Ulgaard (annulled)
(2) Charles Pruvia
House: Preussens
Father: Robert-Frederick, Prince of Pruvia
Mother: Caterina Delatour, Viscountess of Nantes

Elizabeth Maria Preussens ( 10th of Sun’s Smile, 1687 - 11th of the Grand Harvest, 1718), was a head of House Preussens and the main architect for the capital city of Reza within the Kingdom of Haense. Born into a dwindled cadet branch of the House of Horen, Elizabeth brought her family out of obscurity through her skill with planning great city works. Through mostly her own drive and determination, she was able to acquire several titles back for her house, establishing them once more as nobility in 1704. Another landmark of her life would be the Ludovar Trial, which famously saw the destruction of her first husband's reputation, the Prince of Ulgaard, Jakob Ludovar.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
John-Henry Pruvia 1710 Alive Margarita Marna Firstborn child and son of Lady Elizabeth and Duke Charles, Prince of Pruvia
Alexander Joseph Pruvia 1711 Alive Unwed Secondborn son of Lady Elizabeth and Charles Augustus
Beatrice Adelheid Pruvia 1713 Deceased Etienne Delatour Firstborn daughter of Lady Elizabeth and Charles Augustus