Elizaveta of Vidaus

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Elizaveta of Vidaus
queen eliza ruthern.PNG
Elizaveta of Vidaus, dated 1705.
Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska
Predecessor: Sophia of Castor
Sucessor: Klaudia of Vasiland
Born: 1665
Vidaus, Haense, Man
Died: 1707
Reza, Haense
(aged: 42)
Spouse: Robert I of Haense
(m. 1682)
House: Ruthern
Father: Aildred var Ruthern
Mother: Katherine of Ayr

Elizaveta Rosette (Common: Elizabeth Rose), of the House of Ruthern was the daughter of Aildred var Ruthern, whom himself was the son of Rhys var Ruthern, and twin sister of Demetrius III, Duke of Vidaus. She was raised amongst the Royal Household of Bihar, and later made Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska by her marriage to King Robert I.

Family & Childhood


Queen Elizaveta, Crown Representative of Hanseti-Ruska, by Edward Morris (c. 1693)






Name Birth Death Marriage
Marius II of Haense 1683 1719 Klaudia of Vasiland Firstborn son to Elizaveta and Robert; King of Haense.
Anastasya Barbanov 1690 1713 Unwed Twin to Natalya; Princess Royal.
Natalya Barbanov 1690 Alive Gerard Stafyr Twin to Anastasya.
Mariya Barbanov 1704 Alive Viktor I - Alexander Frederick N/A