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Elpis Desponnia Reg'wir
Matriarch of the Regwir
Tenure: 1729- Present
Died: Alive.
Spouse: Emac Reg'wir
Clan: Reg'Wir
Father: placeholder
Mother: placeholder
Childern: placeholder


Childhood, Teenage and Young Adult Years



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Titles, Styles and Honors

Matriarch of The Reg'wir

Tamer of the Wild


Elpis was born within the Desponnia family, a tiny dark elf clan that soon was abolished as they intermingled and mixed with wood elves. One hundred years later Elpis married into the Reg'wir family a noble family of Dark elves. Elpis and Emac live happily with their clan and children in many different locations.


Elpis is a girl many values; the most notable is she quite a shy thing. Keeping mostly to herself. This timid being though tends to spend her time with the most dangerous creatures, taming them and living amongst them.


  • Druids Grove
  • Llryia.
  • Aismu'lei

Notable Feats

  • Notable Feat 1

Survived torture from the Dwarven King Ireheart during the Llyria versus Oren War.

  • Notable Feat 2

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I think a soulmate is someone who will make you be the most "you' that you can be.

"I feel small, but so are the stars from a distance."

"Even a king can learn from the lowest of the low, its take a fool to say he knows all."

do you care for your family? "Of course i care for my family i love them with all my heart!