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The Emberhorn Clan came to prominence in the year 1614 of the Common Era, returning from a diaspora which, according to their lore-keepers, lasted some eight hundred years. They claim descent from the Dwarves who constructed and inhabited the mythical dwarf-manse of Hollowbold, which is known in Dwarvish as Tumunzahar or Naug-rud. While few in number and secretive, the Emberhorns swiftly became well-known; their first Clan Father of the era, Lodbairn Emberhorn, achieved the status of High Remembrancer and was recognized as a Lord of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.

The effects of the War of the Beards was felt harshly by the Clan. Having lost two sons and a daughter in the conflict, along with a vast portion of their capital wealth and resources, the Emberhorns summarily refused to back the surrender signed by Frerir Irongrinder in 1636. In the fracturing of the Dwarves which followed the Clan played little part, for they held few blameless for what they viewed as a dishonourable and godless defeat to a morally inferior enemy. As their kin squabbled over what remained of the Obsidian Throne, the dwarrows of Tumunzahar founded a small and secret holdfast in the southern highlands; they named this fastness "Nogrod", after the fashion of their ancestors, and there prepared to endure the coming wars.


Despite generally being recognized as Mountain Dwarves and bearing many hallmarks thereof, the Emberhorn Clan also possesses a prominent amount of semblance to their Forest kin. They are stocky, powerfully built, and typically wear their beards in thick braids clasped with jewelry of gold and amber. Armour is worn exceptionally often when they are away from their Clan Hall, as it is considered to be the only truly safe place for an Emberhorn to be. When unarmoured, they dress in thick woolen robes of forest-green ornamented with gold, and are known to wear pointed hoods when traveling.


The dwedmar of the Emberhorn Clan respect and value the traditions of the Grand Kingdom fully, and worship The Brathmordakin, or the Dwarven pantheon. However, they possess also a colossal wealth of storytelling tradition, most of which centers around the so-called "Tumunzahar Stones". These stones, carved many hundreds of years ago, are a venerated treasure of the Clan and contain the collected tales of the aforementioned Hollowbold. Dragons, giants, sea-serpents and all manner of beasts make an appearance, as well as many of The Brathmordakin and various heroes of the Clan.

Beyond this, the Emberhorns are well-known for their tapestries (which generally depict battle-scenes or clan heroes,) and various fine crafts such as toy-making, jewelery, goldsmithing, and carpentry. They are fond of the simpler things in life, the falling hammer, the well-wrought axe, and the carved stone are more their forte than arcane and complicated craftwork. They tend to be unable to employ magic, eschewing it as a general rule and treating its users with mild irritation and distrust. This of course does not include the Dwarven arts of Runesmithing and Golemancy.

Notable Figures

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Lord High Remembrancer, Lodbairn Emberhorn
Lodbairn Emberhorn is the current Clan Father of the Emberhorn Clan and High Remembrancer of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.