Ernesta of Marna

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Ernesta of Marna
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Born: 19th of Bitter Harvest 1670
Shafei, Khalestine
Spouse: Othodoric Helvets
House: Marna
Father: John Marna
Mother: Maragrita de Falstaff

Ernesta Henrietta Marna, also known as simply Ernesta of Marna, (19th of Bitter Harvest, 1670 - Present) is the only daughter and second child of John Marna and his wife, Maragrita de Falstaff. She is the sole sibling, alongside their sister Cesarina Louise, of Joseph I, but presently resides with her sister-in-law, Annunziata of Marna, within the region of Khalestine in Aeldin.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Adrian I of Kaedrin 1697 Alive Annabelle of Aesterwald Firstborn child and only son of Ernesta and Othodoric Helvets.