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Evelyn of Curonia
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Queen-Consort of Curonia
Tenure: 1703-1711
Coronation: 8th of The Deep Cold, 1703
Successor: Katheryna of Alban
Duchess-Consort of Curon
Tenure: 1680-1711
Predecessor: Ester Teresa Devereux
Successor: Katheryna of Alban
Born: 3rd of Sigismund's End, 1660
Death: 17th of the Sun's Smile, 1715
Spouse: Wilhelm I of Curonia
House: Falkenrath
Father: Austinus Falkenrath, Duke of Istria
Mother: Evelina Falkenrath

Evelyn Devereux (nee Falkenrath) served as the first Queen-Consort of the Kingdom of Curonia from 1703-1711, being the wife of Wilhelm I of Curonia. Her reign is generally regarded to have been successful, herself responsible for managing much of the inner-kingdom affairs and organisation. She is also famed to have been a good architect, having personally designed two Curon's capital cities.

The current Curonian capital of Avalain is named after her.


Born within the Principality of Curon to Duke Austinus and Duchess Evelina of Istria, Evelyn Falkenrath was raised under the careful eye of her parents, the small child immediately seen to possess high capabilities and intelligence. She was taught important lessons in etiquette and manners from an extremely young age, the entirety of House Falkenrath believing her to be destined for many great accomplishments.

However, at the age of 7, Evelyn's parents left the crumbling Principality- leaving her under the care of her older brothers, Augustin, Alasdair and Mayson, as well as the Devereux family. Residing within the palace on Bear Mountain, much of her childhood consisted of lessons and building relationships with the other children there.

She took a keen interest in drawing and design from an early age, much like her three elder brothers. She was known to spend hours upon hours perfecting her sketches and ideas- ranging from that of mythical legends to building designs. The young lady was often seen spending much of her time with Linette's second son, Edward, as he was assigned to personally guard Evelyn.

Through adolescence however, the teenage noblewoman began to develop a much closer relationship with Edward's older brother, Wilhelm I of Curonia. They began a courtship at age sixteen, working closely together as Wilhelm reestablished Curon under the Empire of Man. This was much to the dismay of Edward, always to live in his elder brother's shadow.


Evelyn married Wilhelm soon after her eighteenth birthday, the two holding a joyous celebration within Curon. Evelyn was regarded well by the people of Curon, many deeming her as one of the best Duchesses Curon had seen to date. She spent every waking moment designing the capital city of New Cyrilsburg, as well as negotiating trade deals and alliances with various other nations.

Evelyn and Wilhelm soon welcomed their first child, Jarrack I of Curonia. The pair then going on to have another six children across the course of ten years- Ecbert, Anabel, Edward, Marianne, Everett, and Ursula.

Reign as Queen-Consort

After the events of the Adrian Gentlemen's War, Curon was given the title of a Kingdom by Augustus I, Emperor of Man. An official coronation was held in 1703, where Wilhelm and Evelyn were granted the titles of King and Queen-Consort respectively.

As Queen-Consort, Evelyn continued to work tirelessly for her people. Upon leaving the lands of Atlas, she designed a new city for Curonia- something holding much more grandeur and poise than Cyrilsburg. At the grand opening of said new city, it was declared that it was to be named Avalain, a tribute to Curonia's leading architect and Queen, Evelyn.

Her reign is looked upon to be successful, with Evelyn holding a well-recieved opinion from the majority public for her period in power. She is said to have been incredibly involved with all people- being that of citizenry or nobility. Many of Curonia's most famed events occurred due to the meticulous and well-thought out planning of Lady Devereux.

Evelyn held many great relations with other female leaders across Atlas- particularly being a well known friend of Empress Helen Horen.

Her many children each grew up into their own successes, namely due to their constant and loving support from Evelyn. The ageing Queen-Consort was said to have had many a quarrel with her firstborn, Jarrack, due to his apparent attitude of entitlement and brashness throughout his teens. She however did always remain close with her other children, particularly her first daughter, Anabel.

After witnessing her husband Wilhelm's funeral, the queen-mother threw herself into the flames of the pyre, not wanting to live without her husband. She died on the same day as he did, unable to be saved by the panicked family around her.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Jarrack I of Curonia 6th of Owyn's Flame, 1688 Missing Katheryna of Alban Firstborn son of King Wilhelm I and Queen Evelyn Devereux, heir to the Kingdom of Curonia. Successor of Wilhelm upon his abdication.
Ecbert Devereux 5th of Harren's Folley, 1689 13th of the Sun's Smile, 1717 Natalia Remiel Halcourt Secondborn son to King Wilhelm I and Queen Evelyn Devereux.
Anabel Lisette Devereux 9th of Tobias' Bounty, 1691 14th of Owyn’s Flame 1731 Prince Romulus, Duke of Cascadia Firstborn daughter of King Wilhelm I and Queen Evelyn Devereux, being Princess-Royal. Became an Imperial Princess and Duchess of Cascadia upon marrying Romulus Horen.
Marianne Devereux 2nd of Sigismund's End, 1693 Alive Unwed Secondborn Daughter to King Wilhelm I and Queen Evelyn Devereux.
Edward II Devereux 13th of Sigismund's End, 1694 Alive Analiese Viktoriya Ludovar Thirdborn son to King Wilhelm I and Queen Evelyn Devereux
Everett Devereux 2nd of the Sun's Smile, 1697 Alive Madelyn Suffolk Fourthborn son to King Wilhelm I and Queen Evelyn Devereux, twin brother to Ursula
Ursula Evie Devereux 2nd of the Sun's Smile, 1697 Alive John D'Arkent Thirdborn daughter to King Wilhelm I and Queen Evelyn Devereux, twin sister to Everett