Faldo Featherfoot

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Faldo Featherfoot

Friend, Leader, Mystery

Faldo Featherfoot was a great halfling of his time. His best friends were Tibb Fairfield, Lobo Underhill and Bili Hollowmead. Faldo lead the halfling villages of Branborough and Lenfarthing, contributing to a golden age for halflings, hosting grand festivals such as BranFest and LenFest and his sensational Treasure Hunt around the Vale of Asulon. Rather than recounting tales of his heroism and greatness through arduous and tedious texts, Faldo's memoirs are delivered through various paintings produced by his good friend Tibb Fairfield.


Boating on the Tookwater River. Not much else stirs the soul in the same way a warm Branborough summer's day does.


Saving Doc Brandybuck from the clutches of the terrible dragon Trevor.


Meeting friends such as Rupert Herbwallow


Fleeing, characteristically amphibious, from danger


In the company of a great Wizard


Pig racing is a most noble endeavour


A night on the lake playing Bumper Boats. Doesn't get much better than this


Sometimes you just have to step back and really look at the world around you


It's a big world out there, through the doors of your burrow


It often makes you feel awfully small


I suppose the sun always has to set, but it doesn't make things any less beautiful